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Mmkay...this is basically a re-post, but I decided to create this thread for anyone who's interested.

If anybody is having probs with shedding, hair loss or just have fine hair, I recommend using Nioxin topical products. They're a lil expensive yet they're good and should leave your hair looking healthier in a short amount of time. In addition to that, use either Nioxin's hair vitamins or GNC's Ultra Nourish-Hair. Both have received great reviews. You prolly will get your money's worth with GNC tho since they have double the caplets of Nioxin's, include MSM and have alot more BIOTIN(but the taste/size is a setback :-/). Sandy111 had mentioned Nutricaps working as well, but they seem to be more expensive. Continued use with both caplets and topicals will have the best results. But don't expect overnight results, most mentioned seeing results in like 2-3 months.

Check Ebay for cheaper prices on Nioxin.

If there's other great products out there that I missed, feel free to add...
Thank you for sharing! I have a few friends who are having problems with shedding, so I will pass along the info.
Nexxus Vitatress is another good line for those losing hair, but Nioxin has 4 different lines, one for thinning hair, and one for noticeably thinning hair (like bald spots), one for thinning color or chemical treated hair, and one for noticeably thinning color or chemical treated hair. I have used Nexxus Vitatress, it did cause my color to fade a bit faster but did make a difference, so I switched to Nioxin for thinning color treated, and my color stayed longer but after I'd say 3 months of using it, maybe a bit more, my hair started to get oily more often, it was getting harder to fix, etc. so figured it was time to switch up. Well being the location I'm at right now, in order to try another product for hair thickening, I'd have to order it, so I went to the store here and the only thing I found was Pantiene Pro V for thicker fuller hair, I have been using it a couple weeks now and my hair is much softer than before, doesn't get as oily, and it's easier to do my hair everyday. I take hair and nail vitamins, I also take collagen+c tablets, it recommends 6 tablets a day, but with everything else I take I think that would be an overload, so I take 3 per day, I take one everytime I take my BO. So far my hair seems alot better, it is thickening back up and the little patch I had that was starting to bald is getting less and less noticeable (I have bangs for a reason gals lol it covers the spot I'm referring to). I cut my hair shorter so when it thickens up it will grow out that way. So we'll see how the pantiene goes, oh also I do a hot oil treatment once a week, it's from V05. It's one you don't have to heat up, it works with the heat from the shower. Also while washing my hair I massage my scalp a good 5 min, massage is known to help hair growth. I was thinking about getting a massager thing for my head, but eh, my fingers work for now.
I have thin hair that seems to grow very slow, always has. I started taking an herb called Fo-ti and it has really done wonders for my hair. I normally add biotin too, however I am out right now. My hair grows quicker and is a bit thicker.
Anastasia- I too use Pantene full and thick and love it. However, i use the moisture revival conditioner instead fo the full and thivk conditioner cuz I felt it was drying out my hair. Is still get the effects of the full and thick shampoo. Just a hint if you find your hair goes to the dry side.

You can get Fo-ti at Swans Vits online and the price is great.
I haven't had that issue with the pantene so far, I use the shampoo that is the two in one, shampoo and conditioner, plus I use the conditioner for the same one. Oh and like I said I use a hot oil treatment once a week. And I have color treated hair. But I don't use cheap dye, I use Goldwell Topchick. Good luck finding an affordable salon that uses it though. I'm lucky enough to know how to mix dyes and know how to dye hair, so I order it off a salon supply site and do it myself. When my hair was pink (yes I had pink hair) I did it myself too. I never heard of fo-ti but will look into it, the hair and nail vitamins I take have biotin in it, and plus I take collagen tablets.
Anastasia, since you mentioned you know about hair, i want to ask a question relating to my hair dilemma. I coloured my hair black several times. Now it has set in and will not wash out. I want to go lighter to a medium/light brown and get some highlights. I tried several salons, the last one being a well known and pricey salon in my area. They all said it is not possible to go that light and said no to my suggestions. I know it is possible, even to go blonde, from examples online. I would like to gradually lighten my colour with home remedies and get my hair done after. I am too scared to strip my own hair colour. Any suggestions? I have long hair that took me a while to grow and I am not cutting it off, or waiting years for the black to grow out. Somehow I will get my desired colour Tongue.
What color is your hair naturally? All the color removers I know of will strip your hair if it has been dyed multiple times. Main reason when I dyed my platinum blonde (dyed) hair all over permanent hot pink, I let the pink fade naturally instead of using a remover, then I dyed it all over brown to cover the left over pink. It's easy to go lighter to darker, but difficult to go darker to lighter. Which is why I couldn't go from hot pink back to platinum blonde. As the saying goes, once you go black, you won't be able to go back lol. Unfortunately the only thing I know to do to get black out is to grow it out and cut it out. I can email my aunt that does hair and ask her for her opinion, but I need to know your natural hair color and how many times and colors you have colored the hair on your head, including the stuff that grew out. Oh and I need to know how often you colored. If your hair was not properly taken care of pre coloring and post, each time can take alot out of your hair. Oh and the examples you see online going from black to blonde, that is more than likely their natural color is black, that's alot different than a dyed black. Hard to explain why. Let me know and I'll see if I can get some answers.
Hi everyone, sorry to butt in on the conversation, but Hazel, why dont you try a coloured bleech, that will bleech your colour out and add the colour you want to be at the same time and if you buy a good professional range it will not damage your hair, i am very surprised a salon said that they could not get you to the colour you want to be, as there is alot of methods that you can use to do this, colour stripers are ok but risky to use as you may leave some pigment in and when you re,colour you could end up with some very unusual colours in your hair lol, but in my opinion a colour bleech would be perfect, all the big professional brands do them, in the UK there is a brand called milkshake and they do an exellent colour bleech aswell as conditioning products made from milk and alot of natural ingridients, there perinent hair colour is also fantastic and you get a 150ml tube instead of the normal 60ml or sometimes 100ml depending on the range. Anyway i hope this was some help. As far as thickining hair goes, i really would not use any supermarket shampoo and conditioner, they just build up rubbish in your hair as they contain too much synthetic ingridients that after a while kill your hair, alot of people say that they change there shampoo and conditioner after a while because it is not working like it did, the reason why is because it has built up a barrier on your hair and in away caused damage, in that case use a chelating shampoo to strip your hair and then try some of these ranges, JOICO moisture recovery, JOICO body luxe or if your hair is damaged try JOICO K-pak, also sexy hair do great products BIG sexy hair is great for volume. Goldwell shampoos are fantastic also. These are all professional ranges so they will not damage your hair over time, just the oppisite, also be very careful with your hair straighteners, if possible buy GHD or T3 and FHIs are also good, the new Egos from T3 are amazing and will repair your hair as you use it. The cheaper hair straighteners can cause alot of heat damage which is not good and can cause thinning hair long term. Sorry to go on everyone and this is just my opinion, but i have been in the hair industry for quite along time so i have picked up alot of info over the years lol. Good luck everyone xxxx
Thank you to both of you for answering. My original hair colour is very dark brown. I have been dyeing my hair since I was 15 (I am now 20). I dye my hair every 2-3 months, sometimes 6 months. I have had blonde highlights once before, but other than that never bleached my hair. I have gone from medium to dark browns since 15. I dyed my hair black 9 months ago, so 3 or 4 treatments. I sometimes go to the salon, but I usually dye it at home. I use professional and drugstore shampoos and conditioners, switching back and forth. I use a Sedu flat iron every other day. Unfortunately I haven't been doing my weekly deep conditioning treatments. My hair looks fine now, a little damaged. I think with some treatments it will be much stronger.

I thought stripping the hair colour would be better than bleaching because it removes all the residue from the hair instead of putting more in. I know it leaves uneven patches. I have Wella brand bleach, but I don't know what volume to use. I also don't want to mess it up and end up with orange hair or something. I would love to do it myself if I knew how, and properly. As for the salons, I find them unexperienced and too afraid to give it a go because they don't know how to do it. I can't believe I know more than some stylists. I can't pay a fortune for the experienced stylists either. If I go to a very cheap place, I find they will agree to anything but then mess up your hair. Anastasia if you could ask your aunt it would be so helpful.
Cheryl, the problem with bleach though, is that can damage the hair if not bleaching virgin hair, if you are bleaching hair that has been over dyed, it can make you lose most your hair! I know a girl that does hair in the same salon as my aunt, I was about to do black streaks through my hair when it was bleached blonde, she advised against it because...she dyed her naturally medium brown hair black, after a few months, she decided she didn't like it, so she bleached her hair to try to get it out, she ended up damaging her hair so bad it broke off! Her hair was mid back, she had to cut it to her ears, it was THAT damaged. And she only uses goldwell products, the dyes and hair care products. And she didn't leave the bleach in too long or anything. It's just bleach is a risky thing in general. Just something to keep in mind. And I don't know that "professional" salon products are always better. When I was in my mid teens, my hair was at it's healthiest and thickest. And I was using pantene hair products, but when I decided to dye my hair, I changed to salon products, and ever since my hair has been thinning, now that I'm back to pantene it's thickening back up. So I think it depends on what you buy and your hair. All this is just my opinion, I never went to cosmetology school or anything just going on my own experience with my own hair and from watching my aunt who does hair and such.


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