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NBE acronyms
The following acronyms are commonly used in NBE discussions.

BA: Breast Active
BB: Bountiful Breast
BC: Black Cohosh
BCP: Birth Control Pill, sometimes shortened to BC
BO: Bovine Ovary or Borage Oil
BT: Blessed Thistle
DIM: Diindolylmethane
E: Estrogen
EPO: Evening Primrose Oil
FG: Fenugreek
FN: Fennel
GR: Goat's Rue, sometimes GRT: Goat's Rue Tea
LT: L-Tyrosine
MSM: Methyl Sulfonyl Methane
MT: Milk Thistle
NB: Noogleberry, sometimes called noogling
NBE: Natural Breast Enhancement
NR: Nettle Root, sometimes SNR: stinging nettle root
PC: Progesterone Cream
PO: Porcine Ovary
PM: Pueraria Mirifica
PSO: Pumpkin Seed Oil
RC: Red Clover
SO: Sheep Ovary
SP: Saw Palmetto
T: Testosterone
TF: Transfemme
UB: Ultrabreast
WU: WonderUp
WY: Wild Yam
Thank you for creating this list sfem. Smile

It's too bad this couldn't be a sticky thread for all newcomers to utilize. Dodgy

These are some acronyms I would like to add to your list:

DHT: Dihydrotestosterone
GABA: Gamma-aminobutyric acid
PABA: Para-aminobenzoic acid

WP = white phoney


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