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Anyone have any "secret formulas"
Hey y'all!

Just wondering if anyone has any special homemade cream or rub on mixtures they use in conjunction with massage.

I know I just mixed something up to see if it works, I'll definitely share my recipe if I see some results even if it's just swelling at first.
You should try to go for Ayurvedic oil. It would be the best option for you.
That's definitely something I'll have to look farther into, I've heard and read a little about it before I started researching NBE majorly but I never considered that!

Thank you!Smile
I use Flaxseed Oil, it gave me like 4" in growth, like solid growth.
Emily your growth is insane! what's your secret? what love to have even just a couple of inches growth let alone 7! wow! did u use just flaxseed oil or a combination of other things? xx
(29-09-2012, 03:19 PM)Lacey Ra Wrote: I use Flaxseed Oil, it gave me like 4" in growth, like solid growth.

Hi Lacey, i use flaxflax oil too but my breasts are getting saggy and i haven't seen much growth either.i massage them twice a day for 15 minutes in circulac motmot too but not much progress.  
Is there anything you eat which helps too? 


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