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6 stage subliminal set that works
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@AbiDrew85- let me know how it goes. I used ASC 4g. 5g is supposed to be a lot more powerful but it cant be used with anything else so i wont be using until sometime next year.

@adrianna23- IMO it would only be a rip off if it didnt work and you couldnt get your money back. But if you use it as directed and it still doesnt work they offer a refund. How much have you spent on supplements etc. and how much time have you devoted to NBE? If the only thing i have to do is listen to it for it to work its worth that price based on convenience alone. But to each its own.
You're supposed to use it for like 6-7 months, lets just go with 200 dollars and 7 months for ease of calculation, we're talking less than 30 dollars a month... What purely supplement-based NBE plan can claim those kinds of results in that kind of time at that kind of price?

If it really works as claimed, I'd say that's a pretty fair price.

But there is supposedly a massive sale on Jan 1st...

On that question thread back at the creators forums the creator said the new version will be 500. THAT is excessive, for only 10-15% greater gains.

I'm going to try the self confidence freebie and see if it works for me... I'm really like a totally different person in RL, a total wallflower, and I feel a large part of my wallflower tendency is from a lack of self-confidence. Online, it doesn't matter to me as much for some reason.
I just joined over there and posted a rather long rambling reply to your thread audacious. I just couldn't resist sharing my thoughts.
thats great! i'll be following your journal too..


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