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HELP! PM cream after period and having period again in a week!?
I was doing NBE 2 years ago and had to stop due to moving, school, and new job. I was taking fg, hops, fish oil, and collagen and was on BC (ortho tri-cycln lo). I then switched to just massages using palmer's cocoa oil and robust after.

I recently started massaging again. My period started on August 17 and I waited after my period ended on August 24th to massage using cocoa oil and then robust for a week. After the 1 week with robust I only massage with cocoa oil. I have always been on BC because I have irregular period. On September 2 I woke up and went to the bathroom and notice there was spotting and then throughout the day it was like period. And still having it now. What should I do? Has anyone experience it before?

PS: Was planning to start plan of PM plan next month.
It happend to me too. It was my first time using PM, and i had two periods during the time of one normal cycle. It supposedly was because i was not taking it right. I was taking PM capsules by the way. So i did a thread here and they told me i had to take PM for 15 days starting on day 1 of my cycle. So i'm guessing it happend to you because you started taking PM after your period, but i don't really know.
I took a 3 month break of PM after taking it for 3 months, having irregular periods during that time, and during the break my period became normal again. Now i'm back on PM on day 15, everything is normal for now, i hope it keeps that way.
I did not take pm I just used pm cream during my cycle. Its more like spotting and not an actual period. I have started my pm last cycle and so far so good. After next month I will do a cleanse. I am also using the noogle berry and have notice fullness. Hope all is going good for u!
I think using pm cream is the same as taking pm capsules, you get pm into your body, maybe in a lower quantity. But anyways it's so good you are having progress Smile
You know, i'm having my period again, today is day 20 for me. One week sooner :S but i guess it is still normal, i don't know what i can do to regulate my periods while on PM, i started taking it on day 1 and stopped on day 14, then started taking progest cream and i think i am going to take pm again today. I am now going to try stopping on day 17, and then get the progest cream. I don't want to mess up my cycles, if i keep this way i think i'm going to stop, i don't really know what i'm doing to my body...but i don't want to be flat chested neither Sad
Planita that is what I thought when I put pm cream I'm still absorbing a low doses but I start to use pm cream before when i found the old nbe site and it have never happen to me. I dont know what going on but i guess it regulated.
Are you on BC as well? Im in BC and I just follow it of when to take pm and when to cycle with other herbs. I also don't take pm on my very first day of period I usually take it about 3-4 days into my period then stop on the 12 day and then cycle off and start my herbs.
i'm not in BC. i'm using PM atomizer for now, no more capsules. The box says i shouldn't worry about any changes, i guess something like this is normal when using it. Maybe my period will regulate later. I will try stoping on day 12. The thing now is this last period lasted 5 days of bleeding, so i don't know how to count the days. I am supossely using progest cream too the other half of the period. I think i am going to ask for help opening a new thread. Thanks for everything. And how is it going for you? so you did get your period regulated?


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