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Hopefulgirl's Program
Before any breast enhancement (1 year and a half ago, Im not sure?)
I was a small 32B

Stats (current)

Age: 22
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 105lbs
Waist: 24 inches
Hips: 34.5 inches

Underbust: 26 inches
Bust: 34.3 inches
Bra size: large 32C

Current program:
Noogleberry (1-2 times a day, around 30 mins)
MSM (3g/day)
Vitamin C
Mint tea (1-2 glasses/day)

Other factors that may influence my program:
I am a vegetarian
Have a healthy diet
Rarely drink, don't smoke
Exercise on a regular basis

Goal 32D

I had my program posted on the old site, but can't seem to find a link to it, maybe eve could put an archive link next to personal programs like she did for the other topics?
I managed to find my old program page... If anyone is interested:


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