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Quote:How do the hormones change as a result of visualizations?

Imagined experiences are just the same as real experiences to your subconscious, like when you get scared from a nightmare, or cry watching a movie. And when you imagine something that makes you angry Angry, your testosterone levels skyrocket, giving you lot's of energy to break stuff with.

So, when you imagine your body as having larger breasts, your mind accepts it as real, and makes it happen - just like people who think of themselves as fat/stupid/poor etc end up acting that way.

I remember reading about a study - don't ask me where - where 80 overweight housekeepers were interviewed. Half of them had it pointed out to them that they were getting plenty of exercise, by doing all that cleaning, more than enough to lose weight. Six months later that half had normal, healthy weight. Nothing in their lifestyles were changed, but their body altered their hormone levels to make them burn fat, because they expected to.

Having positive feelings about seeing/feeling yourself with larger breasts also seems to trigger hormonal changes to make that come about. A kind of positive reinforcement.

Apparently receiving positive attention to your breasts from the opposite sex also helps on that score, since attraction's the important reason for them growing large. It makes sense, but I haven't seen the evidence myself.

Looking back over the research, I wouldn't worry at all about not feeling the suggested sensations during the sessions, because in some studies done there were no suggestions given for heat/tingling etc, and the results were still just as good. The visualizations are still there to do the job for you.

Quote:> You have given me a helpful reply, thank you so much.

You're very welcome.

Quote:Just wanted to say thanks to Steve for sticking around the forum! You're very very helpful and kind to be answering all our questions. I hope you get great feedback on your NBE hypno-program.

You're welcome. And thanks for your support. It sure as heck better work, I made a PE program as well...which I'm road testing myself.
Thanks Steve!
I haven't been on the forum for a while. Your answers are bang-on. I'm grateful for your support of this program. We're getting good feedback on it.

I'm going to check to see if I can find a copy of that blog and post it somewhere. The woman who tested it was very enthusiastic about it and even auctioned off an MP3 version of the program. She loved it so much that she purchased nipple jewellery for her new breasts!

Anthony Santen M.Ht. C.I. MPWP NLP
I found the new location of the independent review.

I've updated the web site with the NEW location of the review of the Hypnotic Body Hypnosis for Breast Enhancement: Here is the review for those of you who wanted to see the original:
Thank you both so much.

It's nice to know that I just need to think about bigger breasts rather than get all the feelings. Through the day I think and act like my breasts are bigger - not sure if this will help or not.

Although, I'm now nearly 10 weeks into the programme and still no noticable difference. I don't even get any feelings during the day anymore (I haven't been for a good few weeks now), although the very odd day I may get a slight feeling.

I do however have one question please Anthony. When I reach 12 weeks of your program do you think that if it hasn't work for me it's not going to work, or do you think I should carry on for the further 12 weeks? - When visualising my breasts during the hypnosis they're not very clear and always difference shape/size - do you think this matters and that's why nothing has happened yet?
Thank you so much, and thank you for finding and posting the blog again.

Steve - About the housekeepers losing weight - I read a story too about your mind making things happen. A lady had cancer and she refused to accept it and believed she was going to get better - and against all odds, she did, and she is now clear.

I really do believe in the power of the mind, but it's frustrating at times that my boobs haven't changed, I would have expected to see some growth by now.
I've checked your sites and saw some pictures. Are the pictures (the one c/o body beautiful magazine) from those who underwent the hypnotic body breast enhancement program or were they results from having live sessions with a hypnotherapist? Are there any more testimonials up on the site? thanks!
I did this for a while and it does work u just have to actually believe its gonna happen.. If you. Say to yourself I feel stupid why am I doing this ... You're never going to get hypnotized . U have to work at it to .. Good luck and also try massaging while u do this and it'll help u feel the heat because in your imagination u can picture yourself touching your breasts and they will actually feel warm so that rly helps I find .. Smile
I've just downloaded/purchased the Hypnotic Body. On the website, under DOWNLOAD NOW, it lists in the contents: - Resolving root cause blockages. The program content download print-out doesn't mention it. Does anyone who's used it know what CD it's on?
That was one of the things I thought I might need, as Blake Talks didn't work for me.


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