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Boobster? Should I Use This?
This has been mentioned on the forum, Boobster.

It's free, and I was thinking I could add it. It says to use it every other night for two weeks (I would keep it every other night, but probably longer than 2 weeks if I didn't get results, or if I wanted more...) and for the earbuds to be taped to the breasts directly (Um... Okay?) which I could easily do while I do other things.

So free, convienent (probably didn't spell that one right, sorry!), and might work. Sounds like woth a shot really.

Except on the bottom of the page it says:
"Not recommended for those suffering from epileptic seizures and hormonal imbalance. May cause acne and other hormonally-induced symptoms."

I'm afraid to try it because of this, I don't know if I have a hormone imbalance & I really don't want acne if it's terrible...Sad

Has anyone used this and had any success? Should I try this out?



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