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make butt bigger with this booty wow & fish oil??? really??
I do not know what is all this hype about getting a bigger booty and rubbing fish oil on your body, and all of these things out there but I am one to experiment. I am going to try using fish oil and rubbing it on my body which sounds freaky, or a slip n fall waiting to happen; this booty wow product which will simply give u a lift and make butt bigger the minute you wear it, to see which one works best. my fave moto is you can't knock it til you try it so I will give fish oil and booty wow a chance and see which one win. both claims to give permanent results overtime but has anyone else on here ever tried these method? Big Grin
I've actually never heard of that! I've been doing some research & i heard a lot of good things about Meca. Some woman even saw results in 2 weeks if they exercised.Tongue
I haven't tried it as I hear the smell is vile. Flaxseed is suppose to do the same thing without the stench.

This forum has tons of booty growth info. A thread just for fish oil too-

I tried Maca and gained quite a bit of booty rather fast! Heavy squats can get you a bigger butt probably faster than waiting for results from fishoil.

Lots of butt exercise info here-


the fish oil really works i dont know how i just know im already seeing results the smell isnt nice at all though ewww but its ok if u just wash ur hands really well after then apply a really scented body lotion, and youll need to keep very clean.
iv just been using cod liver oil caps pierced then applied topically 1 cap each time twice a day once before bed after shower then in the morning i wipe that off with vitamin e(just cheapy wilko ones but vitamin e is meant to work well with fish oil) facial wipes and then apply the fish oil again.

anyway iv only done this for a few days so far but it does make my butt look instantly plumped.
so i will definitely continue use along with maca.

im not sure flaxseed oil would be as good because iv heard animal oils work best.
Try mixing lemon, lavender or other fragrance oils with the fish oil Smile
Yes mixing fragrance oils will help take care of the awful smell. I tried fish oil for a little while but just couldn't handle the smell. In the end I had to toss so many items cause I just couldn't get rid of the smell, it was like it was following me. Angry
I heard that 2 pills of fish oil mixed with 1 pill of vitamin E (per cheek) and then wrapped with seran wrap works. I am going to try this method & the booty wow too though Big Grin I'm curious.
So, I'm thinking of trying this...I'm going to start UB soon and I can't take maca, so this seems like a good alternative minus the smell. I'm taking one summer class in the morning and I figured that I would:

-Shower first
-Apply the Fish Oil
-Leave it for about 10 hours or so
-Then, take another shower at night

If I did that, would I still have that fish smell? I also thought about adding those fragrance oils, but I heard of people still having that stink even despite the oils...

I checked the BHM forum but I dont think any of the posts answer my question lol Tongue. I'm just worried bc I see my bf most nights and one of the last things I want is him finding out about the fish oil thing XD
hey girls i have being using fish oil for a bout 5 days and im getten results this realy works but am also trying to loose weight anybody know something i can do to loose weight fast or to get rid of lovehandles please let me kno tanksSmile

Does this fish smell still stick to you after you wash if off? What do you do to mask the smells?

I thought some people take fish oil pills internally for weight loss? Idk, I know that hold in your stomach all throughout the day could help a bit


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