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some tips for self hypnosis. using colour.
some tips for self hypnosis. using colour.
October 2 2009 at 1:31 PM holly (Login DancingArianFlame)


i've only done this a few times but every time i did when i woke up my breasts looked bigger. hope this helps.

first step: Protection -
i got this idea from watching the craft LOL!

First of all i use my fingers (without touching my breasts) i circle around my breasts from the top i imagine a white light doing circles around each of my breasts i imagine the white light gently warming my breasts and protecting them from going smaller as i lose weight, sagging and losing firmness. i also imagine the collagen tablets, zince and fennel tea i drink, the protien i eat doing directly too them

Second step:
i do the same as before only this time i imagine a red light and imagine my breasts getting warm as the circles go around i imagine my breasts are being pulled and getting firmer, bigger and rounder all the way around (both sides, top, underneath).
as i do this i imagine blood being circulated all around and then in my head say my bigger are getting bigger my breats are getting rounder and firmer.

as i do my massages i also still keep imaging the red light until i've finished.


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