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Is this my period?!?
Hey quick question

I have what seems to be my period but i dont know.

It spotting..barely there. I am suppsied to get my period around this date and i just have minimal spotting

This is after 15 days of pm and 10ish of fenugreek.

What is this?!*_*
If this is your period, and it definitely could be, this is completely normal. So don't worry! Big Grin It is most likely the PM messing with your cycle. In fact, I think just about everyone who is on PM and not on BC experiences an irregular cycle. I would take PM for around 12 days, and then 8-10 days later and of cycling with other herbs, I would get my period. Heck, even when I was on BC my period eventually starting messing up when I took PM. Using PM is tricky if you want to keep a regular cycle...
Actually, I had exactly the same thing happen to me. I used to have a much more regular cycle. So what now? Is it best to start taking PM again as if it's the beginning of the cycle, or wait till the regularly expected period? I will add, that for me this is also significantly lighter than it usually is.
Good question! What I would always do was wait a day or two to make sure. Then, if I determined that it was my period, I would take PM at a low dose until it was over. I took a low dose, because it made me feel more comfortable to take a low dose just in case it wasn't my period. It is all up to you though!
Thanks NotSoBusty! PM worries me a little, I don't like seeing that much effect on my body... Well, I like seeing positive effect, but the extra periods, kind of suck. If this is indeed it, which I'm starting to think is the only rational explanation for bleeding quite that much, it's a lot less painful than normal, hopefully it won't last the full 8 days again ugghhh! I'd start to feel like I'm half on half off with the bleeding.
You're welcome! Big Grin

PM is pretty confusing and takes a lot of patience, in my opinion. I take it every 3 months, then I take 1 month off before doing another 3 months. My last go-around of 3 months resulted in me having 21-day cycles with week long periods and 2 weeks off in-between. I felt like I was always on my period or PMSing!! So, I completely feel you there!

I think they key is to experiment with what works for your body, because some women have no problem with it while some do. I just started an experiment with cycling, so hopefully this will shed some light on the cycling issue!



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