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Brava Graduates, when did you reach your size?
This is sort of in line with this thread: http://www.breastnexus.com/showthread.php?tid=7528 , but I have more specific question.

Of those of you who had completed Brava sessions. At what point did you reach the size you want to be? I know that Brava claims that your half way point is when you reach the size you want to be by the evening before putting on the domes again. Would you say that's true? Did you have a different experience?

I'm in the middle of my 9th week and I maybe (maybe) have an extra inch, which isn't much. What I have noticed was that my morning swelling hasn't been getting progressively larger with time, maybe a tiny bit, but I've been retaining more and more swelling as the time goes on. When I first started, I was fully deflated by the evening, now I'm keeping about an inch of about an inch and a half swelling.

I only wear the system roughly 11 hours a day during the week, and about 16 on the weekends. I can't do much more, short of showing up to work looking like Pam Anderson in armor. What I'd love to get is another inch or so. I'm sort of trying to figure out what time commitment I can expect from all this.

A little about me: I'm 31. I"m in pretty decent shape. I'm white, but my boyfriends often joke that I have the body of a black girl. I'm lean but I have meat on my bones. I don't have any issue gaining weight anywhere, BUT my boobs. I started at a full A. Also, no kids and never a significant weight gain.

I've added modified Eve M program to Brava. Fenugreek, hops and fennel.

Any thoughts would be must appreciated.

I sort of meandered on. To summarize, for those of you who were done, how far into the program did you see your actual final growth?
For me it was true what Brava said. At my halfway point I had my final size. But after those first 6 weeks things really started happening so I wish I could have continued for longer but it was making my so depressed to wear the domes every night.
Oh, my gosh, I hate it, haha. I dream about the day I can finally kiss them goodbye and I've been fantasizing about selling them. I was actually looking at ebay for inspiration and someone said. "I did it for 10 weeks and I got my inch, now someone else can use it! (so much work...)" Made me laugh.

In all seriousness, if I were single this wouldn't be *that bad*. But I really feel for my live in boyfriend, I work full time and when I come home I have to throw them on to get my 11 hours in. All he sees of me during the week is wearing that ridiculous rig. It was a source of never-ending amusement for a while, but I think now that he's had his lulz he is really ready for it to be over. I designated my half way point to be at 11 weeks. So 2 more weeks. I'm not terribly impressed yet, but it seemed to have ramped up this week quite a bit.

I may be a bit unrealistic, but I was hoping for a little more than I'm getting. I see a tiny bit of a difference, but I see lots of posts with people getting pretty significant results from brava and I'm still waiting. Its sounds like you had some really awesome results. I'm jealous Tongue
I only started to show big changes at the start of week 17!

I used it for a total of 26 weeks and went up a full cup size and 2 years later have still retained it all.
(20-02-2012, 10:13 AM)Leckie Wrote: I only started to show big changes at the start of week 17!

I used it for a total of 26 weeks and went up a full cup size and 2 years later have still retained it all.

That's awesome! Not because it took you so long but because it makes me feel like I'm not wasting all sorts of time right now. I"m officially in my week 10 today. So, I've completed 9. With all that effort, I'm not really keeping much more than fullness. I think that inch I've claimed is a hoax, I think it has to do with how I hold my tape. What I've got so far is very little. Very. I can't help but think, if this is my half way point, this is bloody depressing. I think I'd love to end up with my 16 hour swelling. I'm not sure if that's realistic.

Keep in mind, my swelling isn't magical multiple cup sizes. After 17 hours I fill out my 34B cup bra that I wear now. By the way, I'm somewhere between 32 and 34 band (I'm 28.5" under bust, I started out with 34" over my chest, and I think I'm a little over that now). I was filling out a 32B to begin with, but I'm hoping to fill out a 34B. The difference between those two sizes is pretty significant.

Did you get a lot of morning swelling? I get some, but nothing like other people describe, maybe about an inch, maybe less. After 16 hours I get a little over an inch and I get what I consider to be my ideal boobs (which I'm guessing is that cup size). Do you think I'm being realistic in hoping to end with that?

I feel a little silly with being so inconsistent with my measurements, but it's hard to get right for me... I'm much better with comparing pictures and bra "states".

Would you say your final size coincided with any type of early morning swelling you were getting? Just to get an idea.

Also, I'm flustered, but in case you haven't tried Brava it does give results to some degree within 6 weeks or so. Those results are mostly fullness though (at least for me). My boobs look different, and i would say better than they did to begin with, but there isn't much change in size (yet! I hope...) I think I respond to NBE very slowly, so I don't want to discourage anyone, it's just me. I never had BC related bust increase, and even when i gain weight (which I do easily) the last place it goes to is my boobs. And even then, I don't really get much.
Also, Leckie, do you remember where you were on all this around week 9 or 10, does my experience sound at all familiar? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll go your route and get something after 16 or 17 weeks Big Grin Hope I'm right!
Sometimes I can't make up my mind if I'm going to sell my brava system when I'm done or have a ritual killing (the way they kill the printer in Office Space), haha. I really really hate it
I wanted to throw one extra piece of information out, I have hypothyroidism, which as I'm looking around the forum may cause much slower growth. Would you happen to have anything of that sort, Leckie?
Hi Malena,
Sorry for the delay in replying.

I would say don't get discouraged, I was a very slow responder initially and around week 9 or 10 I wasn't retaining anything much in the way of swelling by the evening. I was, at that point,starting to get frustrated with the whole thing, but I knew other ladies using brava were wearing them for much longer so I persevered. I can quite truthfully say week 17 marked a noticeable increase in swelling and they still remained quite full into the evening.

No, I didn't get a lot of morning swelling, at least not compared with some of the other ladies who were using brava at the same time. Obviously they looked nice and full, but I was not getting anything huge. I would say once again, that after week 17 the morning swelling was increasing.

No I don't suffer from hypothyroidism, but maybe that could contribute towards you being a slow starter like me.

I agree with you , it's often easier to meaure progress by bra states than tape measure. I really didn't bother to measure myself much as I knew I would probably get discouraged and you do need to keep optomistic using brava, otherwise the whole thing becomes so horribly frustrating. The best boost for me was starting to outgrow my old bra's around week 17 and having to buy new ones.

Maybe I was a slow responder because like you the last place for me to put on weight is my bust. It's also the first place I tend to lose it. But what I would say is that after the gains from Brava the weight on my bust stays put, even when I lose a few pounds.

Stay positive, sometimes we slow starters often get good results given a little more time.

Thank you very much for the encouragement. What you describe sounds a lot like what's happening here. Nice and round morning swelling but nothing too spectacular. I read some people's experience and look at pictures and I'm blown away by how well some people respond. We're all different. It's hard to remember that when all you want to do is do as well as everyone else with this booby growth project.

I did notice this week that I've been keeping my swelling a little better. I was almost filling out my one notoriously loose bra through most of the day. So things are happening it seems (around week 10 for me). I plan on going close to 23 weeks. I promised my boyfriend that boobinator goes as soon as I'm done with grad classes, which is end of May. Listening to you makes me want to bargain for a few more weeks :-P


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