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need advice on products
hello everyone I am new to this forum and i was just wondering if any one has tried certain pills that really work? I am currently checking into purafem and enhance breast enhancement system. has anyone tried these?
Welcome Amy,

Six people have used Purafem:
where can i find the results for the one who have used purefem. Im considering trying it. I used brava before about three years ago which increased my breast some, but then I had a really bad rash from it. I ended up stopping on breast enhancement. I also did individual herbs bbut that was way to many pills i was taing through out the day. I had another child since then. my breast are so small and saggy now its not even funny. any advice would be very helpful. I am also considering trying the enhance system along with pills and creams.
Hi Amy,

I don't know if anybody tried the enhance system. Try the forum's search function.

In the post I linked above, "Purafem" is highlighted six times. Under each, there is a link to where the members wrote about their experiences. After you click one of those links, you can click the username to view their profiles, and click "Find all posts" there.
thank you so much!! I am confused though on when to take pm. should it be the first day of my period for 15 days? there are many people out there with differnt aspects on it. I need all the help i can get on understanding this topic
Oh Amy,

This is the toughest question on the board. Nobody has reported more than two regular natural cycles on PM so far. Men take PM continuously. So did MydreamisGcup on the depo provera shot, and idreamofD still does on the Nuvaring. Run.Rabbit's program thread is a nice example of a cycle that works well with a bcp.

Women with a natural cycle on PM can keep it going for two months or so. Then their cycles become like the cycles described in the publication I linked at the bottom of this post:
They are either very long, 36-42 days, or very short, 17-21 days. One woman can have both long and short ones, and sometimes what happens after day 17 is more like spotting. According to that publication, the cause is a second ovulation, which occurs at the end of the period.

Because PM suppresses ovulation, it's important that you either start PM immediately after the end of your period, or you are already taking it. For this reason, I have always recommended to start PM at 1 capsule on day one of the period. After the period, increase to 2, and if you can take it without headaches, increase to 3 on day 9.

Stopping or decreasing PM triggers ovulation. Therefore, I think it's important to stop, or go down to 1 capsule, on day 12. Ovulation normally follows on day 14. Some women feel it, some women use the thermometer. After ovulation, it's OK to take two capsules up to and including day 24, as long as you ensure that you are not becoming estrogen dominant. Some women do this by taking a phyto-progestin, like fennel tea or turmeric, others take fenugreek or wild yam to increase natural progesterone.

What you describe, starting PM after the period for 15 days, is Bella's schedule, named after a vendor of PM. BelaBrasil and aimingford did this successfully for two months, but then their cycles became irregular too.

From day 25 to the start of the period, you have to go by the symptoms. If you get a headache, you are estrogen dominant, and if you have bad PMS, you lack progesterone. In both cases, continue a low dose of fenugreek, or wild yam, or fennel or turmeric. Chaste tree berry (vitex agnus castus) may work too. Don't start PM again before your period, unless you feel really progesterone dominant (clear thinking, easily irritated).

In a long cycle, the days from day 25 to the start of the period are not funny. You feel like you are pregnant, have PMS, are worried, want a pregnancy test, and are estrogen dominant (headache, depressed, foggy thinking, low libido), all at the same time. Most women do a cycle without PM after that experience.
than you that was very helful. I will be odering mine in a week or so. when I do I will definetly update you with my progress. this maes alot more sense to me now.
Hey Isabelle,
Thanks so much for this post! I was going to take supplements and PM but had no clue about cycling. Blush
Since reading some of your posts I am confident that I don't know enough about PM to take it just yet.

I'm taking the following supplements instead:
Alfalfa - 500 mg
Barley - 1000 mg
Borage - 1000 mg
Fennel - 480 mg
Fenugreek - 2440 mg
Flaxseed - 1000 mg
Hops - 1860 mg
Wild Oats - 500 mg
Saw Palmeto - 2160 mg
Soy - 160 mg
Wild Yam - 1000 mg

I'm taking these everyday, no cycling.
Am I correct in thinking that PM is the only thing that needs "cycling"?
I'm on day 3 of this "program" and I just got my period, about 3-4 days early.
BUT on the bright side, I hardly got ANY cramps, which has never happened in my entire life!!!
I couldn't believe it this morning when I got my period with NO CRAMPS!!! It was like a miracle.
Yes Valerie,

PM is the only one that needs cycling.
Thanks Isabelle!
You are an angel!!!

Another wonderful thing that I noticed after stating my "program" is that my period only lasted 3-4 days. (it usually lasts 6-7) How amazing that these supplements can calm my cramps and shorten duration! If I had known of this earlier, I would have done it years ago. I hope it works on my boobies as well as it's worked on my cycle.
Big Grin


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