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The biology of periods and PM??
So I'm on PM, which is great, however...

I tried the whole 15 days on 15 days off thing, trying to keep with my natural cycle, which is actually between 30-32 days, but I had some issues. For some reason, after going off my 15 days on, my period would start early?! I read that sudden drops is estrogen can cause your period to start, since this is how the natural cycle works, but how am I supposed to keep my period from starting after the estrogen goes down after day 15? Would taking progesterone right after I stop the estrogen keep the period from coming?

I tried to fix this issue myself by just taking the PM for longer, but I had what I guess you could call 'breakthrough bleeding'. Nothing heavy, just enough to make me wonder about it and consider changing my program again.

Any ideas?
Hi BelaBrasil,

The publication at the bottom of this post explains what happens:

There is a second ovulation in the same cycle. It occurs at the end of the period. On day 5, estrogen has been low, and progesterone zero, for 10 days. The ovaries need to start making estrogens again, so the anterior pituitary gland signals them to start working, by increasing Luteinizing Hormone (LH). Once the anterior pituitary gland sees the estrogens, it stops making LH.

If the LH peak becomes very sharp, the ovaries may mistake it for the signal that starts an ovulation. That is normally a sharp LH peak on day 13 or 14, caused by the sharp drop in estrogens between day 11 and day 12.

So what to do about it? I don't really know. I think preventing an LH peak on day 5 may help. A simple way to do this is to start a low dose of PM earlier, on day 4, or even on day 1, and then increase PM very gently up to day 11. Something simple like forgetting a dose may cause an LH peak.
What to do, if you have pills of 500 mg already measured for you? Should one just open them and take like first a half of it Huh
So if I start taking a strong progestine around day 22ish and continue until after my period, it could possibly stop the possible second ovulation and maybe correct my cycle?

Yes Xeny,

Just empty the capsule and put half of the powder in milk.

And yes BelaBrasil,

That can work too. But it may take a lot of experimenting to get the timing right.
I am waiting fo my period to come so I can take PM on day 7.I plan to take it on days 7-13 and 19-24 when naturally estrogen is high.
Isabelle do you think that I can see results with just 13pills/month?I won't take anything else just PM.
Thanks Isabelle!

@chocogirl I find PM is very strong and you even will see results with 10 capsules/month... I think it's better to take low dosages over a long period of time and just be patient than overdose just to see faster results Smile
I agree. Always try a low dose first.
Isabelle I was wondering, what if I'd take my 500mg capsule every 2nd during these 10-15 days, so i'd take around 7 capsules in a month? (i ll have to admit it's too much work for me to open them and split up the powder Big Grin)
Hi Xeny,

That will work, but it may have emotional consequences. Full metabolism of PM takes about two days, and the feeling off well being will be replaced by other feelings on day 2.


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