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11 weeks of hypnotherapy and I've grown.........
...........absolutely nothing!!!

I know I shouldn't be expecting massive change, but I am sure I should have had noticed some different/growth. And because of this I'm on a real downer, and thinking of stopping because I'm beginning to think this is not working.

I have been doing Steve G Jones gold hypnotherapy recording, along with his high speed subliminals, binary affirmation and normal daytime affirmation.

I feel like giving up, but don't want to if this is 'normal', and that 11 weeks is too early to be seeing results. Can anyone please offer any advice on growth rates and what I should be expecting?

I don't have any feeling in my boobs like they may be growing (I did for the first 2 weeks of starting the program, but since then, absolutely nothing).

Please help me before I give up...........thank you so very much
I'm not the best to answer because I've changed methods so many times lol, but have you tried listening to subliminals while sleeping? If you are too anxious about growing/can't relax/doubt too much about effectiveness etc, suggestions may get to your subconscious more easily during sleep (well, that's what I've read).
I'm doing the experiment right now, but I started last week so I can't tell you about results yet.
Someone more experienced in BE hypnosis will know better, but I believe I've read testimonials of people who have grown a cup after six months of hypnotherapy, so don't give up, every person is different and responds different.

I'm in the same team, I've lost some weight recently and the 3 cm I had grown in the past four months (hypnosis included) have disappeared, imagine the frustration!!! But we'll get there eventually, even if it takes longer than we expected! Let's calm, work, and allow the change to happen Wink
I have to admit one thing: in order for hypnotherapy to work, you have to be relaxed and not nervous. You have to try to put aside any deep doubts.
Eleven weeks is not enough time for many people to see a change. Imagine: changing the blueprint of your beliefs... in two months? Not possible, especially if you have a small size, or if you have empty breasts: it takes time to fill the breasts first, and then to grow in size. Come on! Don't give up!
I´m thinking maybe these things don´t work inmediately, like you would expect, and not necessarily while you´re doing the hypnosis. It´s like planting a seed: you don´t actually see the plant growing but there is something going on anyway, and it may be a long time before you see the result. If you unearth the seed just to check if it´s going alright or because you´re having doubt, you run the risk of ruining the whole process.
In my case, I interrupted the hypnosis program some months ago because of lack of time and a lot going on in my life, and I´m noticing some growth only now. I´m having growing pains and my boobs are much fuller, it´s really weird. Actually I haven´t done any sort of nbe for a lot of time. Perhaps these things manifest when you stop thinking about them, after you´ve done the work of changing your blueprint?
It´s really weird but I´m happy with the results!
I would second this, I think it’s a very deep reworking of your minds connections and associations and it’s a long term approach but once the connections are made they are there for a long time after.

I did move off the hypnosis because it doesn’t really fit with my lifestyle but thinking of rejoining hence browsing the pages but the other thing is I keep coming back to nbe its in the back of my mind and occasionally a little mantra from the hypnosis tapes pop into my head, it has been almost a year of not doing them, so its not gone, my mind still knows it and its made the deep connection to keep coming back.

keep with it, it will pay off in the end.
Thank you to both of you. I really hope this is right and it is going to take a while longer. It's just that I start to feel it's not working, and yes, I know, you shouldn't think like that because if you do it won't work (as hypnosis is all about your mind and you must believe for it to work), but it is so so hard when you don't see even the tiniest bit of change. Although I haven't had any change in size, but if I was getting a 'feeling' of any kind (hurt, tingling, itching, etc) in my breasts I would believe and know it was working, but as I'm not getting any of these feelings either, it really is hard to believe in it.

Also, it's just that when reading these reviews (not on here), and from the hypnosists themselves, they say you will notice a change of size in 3 months, even if it's just a little change, because it only takes 3 months, but some carry on to 6 months to get a bigger size. So when nothing has happened it does make me think (and sorry, start to believe) it just isn't working.

It is now 4 months since starting and still nothing. I am still keeping up with it (although I must admit for the past 3 weeks (approx) I have fallen asleep, although Steve G Jones says this is okay). I am going to keep up with it for a total of 6 months, and if nothing I am going to stop and start a different hypnosis programm from hypnoticbody.com. What do you think? Is 6 months a long enough time to see if it's working (ie to start seeing a small change)?
hey djt-d,

I think that if you go for 6 months and don't see anything so feel you want to stop then that would be fair. You have given it a good go.

Are you doing anything along side the hypnotherapy? like massage. this might speed things along a bit. or add a different set of tapes to your routine although that would be very time consuming and i would understand why you may not want to do it. reason is maybe your not responding well to Steve G Jones and a different approach might suit you better.
Hi Maz
No, I'm not doing anything else.
I don't do massage because, I suppose I'm a bit scared. I feel that putting too much pressure on the breast may harm them in someway. A long time ago I was told that if your breasts took any pressure (but I think this is being hit in them, I'm not sure), it can lead to cancer. But also, I don't know how to do it properly, and also I'm led to believe it is not permanent.
I don't think I can take herbs because of my medication, but I have actually read about some of the different herbs, and I just don't understand all the different words people are using on the forum, it just goes over my head, I don't understand what they mean, etc, it's just so confusing.
However, I was on the forum the other day and came across fat brushing, and I have decided to start that. And also, I've found a bra that holds your fat in your breasts from surrounding areas, so I'm looking into getting one of those.


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