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Feeling hopeful :)
Hi everyone. I'm pretty new to this, but I have decided to start with BO. I just have a feeling most herbs wont be of much use for me.

Some stats first:
I'm 5' 4" and 100-105 lbs usually. (a little underweight, but it's what my body naturally wants to be)
Bust: 33.5"
Underbust: 24.5" measured tightly, 25" loosely
Bra size: 30C, sometimes 30D

Had an eating disorder all through highschool. I missed probably about 2-3 years worth of periods. My period has never been irregular, I don't have acne, but I do get terrible pms.
I want to increase to balance my HUGE (proportionately, not objectively) thighs and hips. If my puffy nipples go away that would be a major plus.

I've been taking:

(not for NBE--I'm pretty lax about taking these)
Calcium supplement
Flaxseed oil (4000mg)/Linolenic acid (2000mg)
EPO (3000 mg)
Yaz birth control (okay not lax about this one lol)

(for NBE--half in the morning and half at night)
1500 mg generic BO (Swanson)
160 mg pituitary (Swanson)
Kelp and/or L-Tyrosine when my temp is low

I've been taking the BO for 6 days and I'm already starting to feel some sensations in my nipples. It seems so early though. I don't want to get my hopes up too much.
Got my noogleberry in the mail the other day. I've been ramping up the pumping duration. Did 15 minute sessions the first day 30 minutes the second day and an hour today. No swelling yet (not that I expected it), but lots of broken capillaries. I'm a little worried about overpumping. I think an hour may have been too much, but it didn't feel painful and I wanted to continue.

I'm thinking of decreasing the amount of BO I'm taking. It seems like a lot to start with. I might take it down to 1000/mg a day for the next week or two. I'm not having any side effects with it though, so I'm not sure yet. :/
Hi!! I just got my noogleberry too, but I didn't think it was particularily normal to get lots of broken capilaries- are you sure you're not over pumping? I think it's duration > pumping too hard, so maybe try a little bit less pressure and leaving it on for a bit longer instead?
Smile Good luck!!
Hey Almonds.,

I think you're definitely right about pumping too hard. I pumped again last night for an hour without getting any dots. I think before I was increasing the pressure too fast. Better to go by half pumps than full ones! It's pretty fun though-- it feels like a toy!
How are you enjoying yours? Big Grin

Gonna go ahead and order the large domes since I'm literally filling the mediums all the way. I thought they would be the right size too! Sad
Hey prismatic,
I know how you feel about filling the mediums too fast.
I filled mines in about 2 weeks. I think so many of us start with the mediums is because we would rather be "safe than sorry". Then we find out that we fill them pretty fast. A LOT of other girls fill them out pretty fast too.

I am using the CL domes now and there is still a lot of room, but I love them, they are more comfy because of the contoured edge.
LOL at it feeling like a toy... it's the complete opposite for me! I kind of hate it, it creeps me out haha!!! Watching my boob expand as I pump- and the fact that it's being like... suctioned like that for a while is so creepy hahahaha. It's a chore to do it for me, and it's hard because I can't really do anything else with it on or it farts and I have to connect the pumper again and pump Rolleyes
So the contoured edge really is more comfortable? Awesome! Big Grin

lol Almonds I can see why you could find it creepy. Can imagine someone making a movie about aliens suctioning peoples breasts or something. (that comment may not make any sense sorry Tongue)
Honestly for me I just looked at suctioning for the first time and was like, 'cooool' Only problem with thinking it's cool is that I want to keep playing with it after the suction is already high enough. And when I'm not wearing it I want to put it on my husband...don't think he wants boobs.

I feel you on not being able to do anything. I usually just play computer games, eat, or watch tv. I can't sleep with it on, not because I move, but because hubby can't lie still. Tongue It's also annoying when you have to go to the bathroom and other people are home.
So I just ordered the CL domes. I'm assuming they will be here in 1-2 months time.

Not getting any more tingling with the BO. Guessing the sensations had to do with the part of my cycle it was (had them luteal through menstruation, then went away). I don't usually get any change in my breasts during pms, so I'm hoping this is a good sign. Gonna keep the dose at 1500 mg til at least the end of the month.

But of all the dietary restrictions, why is it SOY that I'm having such a hard time giving up?! I didn't realize how much of it I actually ate.
I've managed to mostly avoid soy for the past few days, though admittedly my protein intake has slipped. I have to say, I love NB. Smile Can't wait for the next domes to come. I hope I can grow with it.

I may go off of birth control next month. It has helped some with my pms. I don't feel moody or bloated anymore. I'm still hungry like a beast during my t.o.m., but it's much better. HOWEVER, during the week or two after my period I get really depressed and my stomach bloats (like it's rock hard, but really puffed out). So I'm thinking about going off it. I don't know what the next step would be. Sad I have really bad pms and it needs to be controlled.
>go to obgyn for hormone tests?? (expensive)
>anti depressants? I might ask for Wellbutrin. I did not like how Lexapro made me feel at all and I gained heaps of weight on it which was not appreciated--it all went to my thighs!)
>maybe ask for diuretics for pms?

EDIT--- I just read that flaxseed has a lot of phytoestrogens. Should I stop taking the flaxseed oil pills??
For some reason the NB tubes keep slipping off of the domes. This is the first time it has happened. I can't find any cracks or holes in the domes or tubing, and I can still get suction when they are on. Has this happened to anyone? It's been really hot and humid here the past few days. Maybe that loosened up the tubes (like when they say to heat it to put it on the first time)? I'm scared to death that I broke it! Sad


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