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Urgent help, in dillemma...
hi, i am new here, my name is irene im 23 yrs old.
I have been looking through all types of brands for breast enhancement and i cant make up my mind. can anyone please recommend me a reliable brand that actually works and not over priced?
Hi Irene,

That depends on what you choose as a method.

For breast pumps, nearly everyone on the forum uses the noogleberry (NB).

For Bovine Ovary (BO), I read Bountiful Breast (BB) and Ultra Breast (UB) are better value for money than generic (Swanson´s vitamins).

For herbs, all formulas are over priced. Individual herbs are much more cost effective. You can buy them as capsules in many high street drug stores (GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, ...), or as powdered herbs in herb shops or oriental supermarkets.

For pueraria mirifica (PM), Ainterol is good value for money. Most people who switch from one brand to another, switch to Siriporn.

For hypnosis, there´s Blake talks, Steve Jones, and the Rockmelon ringtone.

If you need help in choosing between NB, BO, herbs, PM and hypnosis, you have to tell more about yourself. Go to the Personal Programs section of the board, and look for the lists people use to post their stats. It´s usually the first post in each thread.
(28-09-2011, 08:41 PM)aeyeung Wrote: can anyone please recommend me a reliable brand that actually works and not over priced?

There is no reliable brand as I understand it, as different things work for different people. I used wonderup and that worked for me, but that was back in 2007/08. You can read the forum anyway, as to be honest all the information it has will help you more than any one person answering you can.
ow thank you all for the information, i was looking through a few brands like bustmaxx, breast actives, natureday, ainterol etc... i just realised there is so many different methods as well...is bovine ovary a safe supplement? never heard of it before...


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