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Brava breast system - disappointed customer!
disappointed with brava results
April 28 2010 at 4:51 AM jennifer (no login)


I have finished my second round with brava and disappointed with the result. I have been wearing it for 29 weeks, only skipped one day if I ever did skip. And that day was more like after wk20 which shouldn't effect too much. Besides that, all I can recall was a couple of days with 8 hours wearing time also toward the middle or end of the 29week period.
I only gained less than 1/2 inch! However, I now have the brown spots from where the side of dome touched my skin. Sad. so much trouble and so much money spend. I want bigger breast, but not the implants, not the painful suction which will turn my breast purple. But soooo much trouble for so little gain, I'm discouraged.

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(no login) Re: disappointed with brava results April 28 2010, 10:49 AM

hey im on my second round of brava also
im aiming for 16 weeks (8 to go) and so far im not seeing as amazing results as i did the first time
once the swelling goes down i have about the same size as i started

my first round was 15 weeks an average of 12 hours and a gain of around 2.5 inches
may i ask what the sats were for ur first round?
im thinking of doing another round of twelve weeks later in the year
but im not sure my domes will be able to go on much longer

what are other peoples experiences with their second round of brava??

(no login) Re: disappointed with brava results April 29 2010, 2:19 PM

My first round was 29 weeks also. At the end of 29 weeks, I gained a little over 2 inchs and gradually lost over 1 inch. By the time I started with the 2nd round(about 6 month after the end of my 1st one), I probably kept a little less than 1 inch. I have already gone through 2 sets of brava domes. My first pair was wide large. Towards the end of my 1st round, the silicone rim on one of the domes worn out and had trouble with the seal. so I bought the 2nd set for a wide xl. I guess at the time I was hoping I would out grow my 1st one and foresee my breasts will get so big and have to get the xl to fit in. I was way too optimistic. I really had lots of trouble with my xl domes. At the beginning when I use the smartbox, it was ok. But the swelling wasn'd good at all. over a 12 hours session, I might have only swell 1/2-1 inch the most. So I had to use the airlock. My swell got better, but the dome always cove in and the side of the dome would for sure touches my skin and created the brown spots. I have stopped wearing it for 2 month and sometimes I measured with 0 inch gain from my 2nd round. I think it was somewhere from 0 - 1/3 gain and who knows I might loss it all in the next couple of months.

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