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Caz - Program
Figured now is as good a time as any to record my program somewhere. Why not where I can get feedback? Smile



I have been working on NBE for the last 3-4 years. (not actively participating in a program at the beginning due to being younger, but researching.) To be honest, I haven't really seen much of a result from the things I have tried, but I also haven't given them the best opportunities to work.

My chest has a bit of a concave appearance - it juts in between my breasts and my ribs flare out at the bottom.
As a kid I did Ballroom Dancing. I went to a competition (as you do!) in a dress made of lycra when I was about 10. Because of the flare in my ribs, I actually had a boy younger than me come up to me, point at my ribs and ask why my boobs were down there. Hey, maybe that's why they're not so big now! Smile

The dip in my rib cage means the cups of my bras need to come around further to get a better fit, so when I say I'm a 10C, i'm no where near a full C. It's just that I have more curves to the bone.

I did PM for almost a year.
Went to Thailand where my boyfriend lovingly joined me on a walk for 40 mins each way in 35-40 degrees celcius temperatures to buy said year's supply of PM. Figured since i'd done my research on sellers and brands prior, and had this seller as recommended, she'd be a great person to buy from.
It made my skin and hair really soft, and while my boobs felt like there was perhaps a bit more to them weight or fullness wise, it quickly went away when I stopped after the year.


I am almost 21.
Weight : 60kg.
Height : 164cm.
Clothing Size : 8-10
Bra Size : 10C (see above)
Target : Fully fill a 10C -> 10D

Will be starting soon as soon as all the parts of the program I want to use have arrived.
Currently i'm drinking a cup of BUSTEA twice a day I made myself using Dr Duke's recipe. Greenbush couldn't ship theirs to Australia, so I ordered heat-seal bags myself. Tastes much better with splenda!

More details soon!

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