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"Some people have all of the luck!"

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I think most people, especially women relate to the grass is greener thing... I find it interesting what thing we end up being "obsessed" with and what it tells about us. Myself I was a nerdy girl and I think that combined with me always being skinny and underweight resulted in me wanting boobs, because I wanted to be sexually attractive. I was so skinny during high school I was called to the school nurse because someone had alarmed her I have anorexia... Lol, it was just fast metabolism combined with crappy diet. Like you I've also find the curvy body type to be the most attractive, I would happily add a muffin top on my belly in exchange for boobs! My ideal body is Marilyn Monroe and Nigella Lawson.

A couple of years ago I started weight lifting and that combined with a calorie rich diet helped me gain 10kg /22lbs. Sadly I only grew from A to B cup but I now have curves in form of ass, thighs and small waist so I consider myself half way there. I highly recommend weightlifting, not only for your physiqe, but also for the endorphines and the respect you gain for your body and mental strength. It is also absolutely possible for you to gain weight but it requires effort, you can't grow on junk food and you need dicipline to eat several times a day even when your not hungry. Weight lifting helps the appetite a lot! Also all the protein you consume for muscle building is amazing for hair nails, etc, it is really the best thing I ever done!

My best friend is a curvy girl with a D cup and she doesnt appreciate it at all. She is all for elegance and think big boobs look makes her look like a cow lolol. She idolizes skinny women and is obsessed with being petite, while I envy her boobs she would give them away in a heartbeat in exchange for my waist, collarbones (?) and flat stomach. She is short and gains weight very easly (thyroid issues) if she lets her strict diet go for one month she morhps from curvy to fat pretty quick. This has made her count her cellulites, feeling guilt every time she has dessert, and she sucks in her tummy ALL the time, even with her boyfriend. She's doneit so many years its automatic and during stressful times, it results in painful cramping. She also has a hard time accepting that her boobs has stretch marks. This girl is gorgeus, but all her complexes are just as real as you hating your skinny body. She would say that you take your flat stomach for granted lol. You might see gorgeus busty women and envy their boobs, meanwhile they are obsessing over getting a nose job, vagina-plasty, or getting thicker hair, bleaching aerolas and what ever crazy beauty standard that is their personal obsession. I think it's more common to have one than not having one, but I try to keep that in mind and count my blessings so to speak, I did luck out genetically in some areas even though my boobs did not, and I'm sure so did you.

also beauty and femininty is not just tied to your looks, it is the way you speak, how you carry yourself, the look in your eyes, your movements and gestures... Don't hate your body!

I am by no means a personal trainer but let me know if you would like some tips about weight gain, I know the struggle! Lastly I want to share what my bestie said to me when we spoke about NBE which was "I hope one day your boobs are so huge you'll have to use deoderant under them on a hot summers day and then you will understand my pain" Big Grin" alt="Big Grin" title="Big Grin">

Wow, I could relate so much in your first paragraph. I was also a nerdy, skinny girl growing up who just wanted to be sexually attractive and thought that puberty would give it to me... I was wrong, obviously, now I'm here working on NBE to get there. I also was called in for being "anorexic" due to my high metabolism, and I idolise the same kind of body type that you do.

It provides a really interesting perspective, especially when it comes to women like you said, everybody has their own ideal of beauty and fixation on something. Although we all (mostly) strive to be conventionally attractive - but there is not really just ONE conventionally attractive, there are so many mixed messages in the media. The things that I fixate on that make me feel lesser (curvy, "thicc" models and the whole Kim K look trend) are probably different to whatever other people with those features fixate on that make them feel lesser. It makes me a little frustrated I can't just appreciate what I have, but I know it's not that simple and it's not going to change so I have to change.

It's interesting that your friend wants an elegant look. I will admit that I can probably pass for "elegant" (like a ballerina type elegant) or "cute". But what I want is sexy bombshell! I want to ooze sex appeal and femininity even when I'm not trying to. Curvy girls can put on a t-shirt and look sexier than I can look in lingerie, it's not fair. I feel like I might aswell be invisible and genderless with my current body.

Thanks so much for the kind offer. I'm still working on finding what works for me, I've been making some progress on my current plan but I'm open to new ideas. I do go for weight gain as part of my plan but I also stimulate my breasts a lot and it seems to encourage the small bit of fat I can grow to go there.

I have this gain-smoothie recipe that helped me a lot, and it can be tasty too, you will need a blender:

3-4 table spoons of organic no added sugar peanut butter

0,5 dl mixed seeds - sunflower, pumpkin & sesame are NBE friendly

1 dl protein powder - chocolate flavour mixes well with it (wheys banana & chocolate especially)

1 dl oats

water or milk, enough to mix it

frosen berries - as much as you like, the more the tastier. I prefer mixed berries

This recipe is 1122 kcal and actually the light version of it Tongue" alt="Tongue" title="Tongue">  I used to pack it with even more seeds, peanutbutter and oats to get it up to 1800 kcal. I started to put in the berries and seeds with water (enough to cover it) in the blender and leave for about 10 minutes, this was to soften the frosen berries enough to not break my blender. Then I mixed the seeds, water and berries only, this is because it is important to break the seeds so that your body can properly digest it and get all the fatty healthy nutrients. When all the seeds have been properly destroyed (2 minutes or something) I add the peanut butter because this also can get clumpy. Then the other ingredients in what ever order. Use as much water or milk until you get the consistency you like.

It is easier to drink your calories than eat them, and if you cant drink it all at once you can just store it in the fridge for later. (note that in the fridge it can get really thick amost like pudding, and kind of a "seedy" taste!) My boyfriend found this smoothie so delicious he actually wanted it for dessert sometimes, especially when I used the WHEY banana & chocolate flavour. It is a great complement to your diet and if you have a busy day where you did not have time to eat you can pack the smoothie with even more as I mentioned above. If anything your hair and nails will love it!


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