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[Question] Best Breast Growth for 20 year old biological woman?
Balancing hormones will help both your periods and growth.  Estrogen and progesterone must work together for you to grow.  They must be high together for best results, like a twin engine jet.  If one is low and another is very high then that is not as effective as if they are both high or perhaps even both medium.  If you raise estrogen when it is already highest you get less and less returns and past a certain point it can actually give less growth than a smaller amount would (unless you raised progesterone even more).

Vitex is too mild to be of any concern.  If anything PC might be a problem since it's a lot stronger, but even then probably not unless you go overboard.  Since you have problem with heavy periods, if anything your health could probably benefit from one of these.  PM should probably wait until you get better hormone balance or if you decide to use a high amount of PC.

Yes any/all of the above is fine with shatavari and saw palmetto.

I don't think most oils have any significant estrogen effect.  Maybe it was something else?

I think if you get one nutritional mix or another I think you should have no trouble growing to whatever size you want by next summer.  It looks like you're on just part of one.  After enough months on it you could use however much herbs you need.  If hormones are the engines then nutrients are jet fuel and a mechanic.