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I am in love but I think to love isn't enough .
Some people play games with others' feelings, because they are bad people. Their intent is to be confusing, so you can't get a clear answer as to that they're playing games. If you try to find out what's going on, they use it to their advantage to play more games.

It is reasonable that if someone is far away, they are very busy, and don't have a lot of time. When someone is in another country for work, it is reasonable for them to contact once a week. Someone eager about you would try to contact you more often, and sound as if they're excited to talk to you (unlike what you described). But they should have invited you, or at the very least still should not sound like the way they do, when they do contact you.

Is he treating you like he is excited to talk to you, or like your concerns are a nuisance to him? But if he's working long hours, in some Asian countries 12-14 hours of work a day is common, anyone would be too tired to make time. If your relationship were serious, he should have invited you, or he should have stayed with you.

Whether he is playing games, or is genuinely busy, that is not a healthy relationship.

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