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Need a good NBE diet
(06-06-2018, 09:49 PM)solome Wrote: there are so many good things. there are so many bad things. here’s something good  https://www.doctorshealthpress.com/gener...f-gelatin/    …. i try ..i’m not always so good ..but, i try to do a few things that i feel keep me in balance and keep my body, mind and breasts happy. i mean, if your body and mind aren’t happy, how can your breasts get from here to there.

something aerobic ..everyday …doesn’t really matter what but i think it’s better if it involves moving your whole body ..all your muscle groups and sustain a higher heart rate for a period ..meditate, at least a little, everyday, and fill your body up with light, visualize your breasts big and healthy, eat some raw food with live enzymes, healthy oils ..black seed, coconut, carlson fish, borage, avocado, olive, etc., hydrate ..add a little good salt and honey to your water ..the minerals from a good salt like pink himalayan and the glucose help the cells transport the water inside and then again into the extracellular matrix to stay hydrated.
breathe deeply, be happy, have sex, love your life, feel the awesome power of your imagination to conjure up something real and wonderful, be patient ..breasts love it when you’re patient and love them and touch them a lot. don’t get addicted to tv. i have this theory that when you eat a good diet but you don’t exercise then your body kinda spreads the fat around in good as well as bad places but when you burn off calories with exercise, the body tends to put fat in the good places first before the bad if there's much left …like, for instance, where your estrogen is directing  it to go  …like, your breasts, hips, bum. then again, it’s possible i don’t know what i’m talking about ..but, at least your healthy body will look good. don’t eat too often because every time you eat something it pumps insulin into your bloodstream. sorry for all my babbling

stretch. i like to make a good bone broth and then throw in some green onions, garlic, tomatoes, cilantro, some pepper and have that with some brown rice ..i like to put tahini in my smoothie, frozen cranberries, etc. i grind flax seeds often and mix with water and l-glutamine, msm, nutritional yeast and drink it down. i’m not always so successful but i do try to stay away from highly processed foods, junk, sweets, candy, death bars, xenoestrogens in household cleaning products, especially. i take fenugreek. i use to take more glandulars ..not so much lately, i think it’s good to take a periodic break from them after an interval. i mentioned in another post that, when i was in my crazy period, taking hypothalamus, pituitary, bo, sheep placenta ..it was a some point in my cycle that my breasts swelled up so much it was scarey, they got very hard and leaked ..that lasted for a couple of days and slowly went back to normal.

i also can get a bit obsessive ..i grow wheat and barley grass  and juice a tray every other day …it has so many good things plus a lot of superoxide dismutase and it's so easy. i don’t like to eat a lot of carbs ..but, i do liove good carbs like the rice or potatoes with bone broth. i eat a good bit of tahini, pumpkin seeds, walnuts. anyway, i’m at work right now and just in a typing mood. btw, my breasts have grown ..slowly but they are bigger …a modest C at their biggest. i don’t pump as much as i’d like but i do love myself when i manage a 45minute session, i have some contoured large noogleberry’s ..i massage daily with coconut oil and cocoa butter with lavender essential oil. i like to give a bit of focus to my nipples, too, i think the stimulation is good for the mammary glands. i try to make sure i don’t short my body’s need for protein, vitD, vitC, trace minerals …i use a product called ‘concentrace’. i take reishi, daily, and astralagus. i take lysine quite a lot ..can’t remember why. last night, late, i got a real urge for pasta, so, i made a nice bowl with pasta sauce. i had pasta dreams  ..came dangerously close to a black jaguar and i almost got swept out to sea. i use pro-gest for half a cycle ..not too much. i’ll often take a teaspoon of coconut oil just because i can ..and, i love rubbing it all over.

so, exercise and eat. sleep well and sleep enough. our brains clean themselves during sleep. i see where they don’t have a lymph system like the rest of the body, so, instead, …they dishwash themselves while we sleep. i also, remember reading, somewhere, that breasts like sleep ..maybe, it’s the growth hormone that gets pumped out then. sometimes, i get a little bottle of the velvet deer antler igf liquid. time for me to get back to work ..good luck with your diet. i've been curious about the mk-677 but got scared away when the pict i saw said 'not for human consumption'  ... the gaba is very good ..i take that regularly, too. sorry for all the words ...back to work Smile good luck. oh, also, when you take gelatin or lysine and  proline and glycine aminos ..be sure to take vitamin C ..so your body can convert them into forms to build collagen.

Wow! Awesome! Thanks for the wealth of info. I'm loving everything you're sharing!

Wow! Didn't know about that Mk 677 not being for human consumption. If it's not too much trouble, do you think you can send me more info? I am a info and health junkie and I'd love to read more  Smile

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