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Abnormal Boobs - When your Boobs keep on returning back to preNBE no matter what
[attachment=14093 Wrote:Rising From Ruins pid='199951' dateline='1518607481']Ella - if you lived next to me I would bring you a batch of kefir grains for you to use. Regardless, you should be able to find people who would be more than happy to give you some of theirs. (the grains multiply like crazy anyway). If not, there's always Ebay. I bought mine from the UK and they arrived safely. My kefir babies are still going strong Big Grin

I just read the article you posted. L CUP??? I'm about to faint. Xenoestrogens...yeah no wonder infertility (men and women) is on the rise. What i cannot understand is this though: if these girls are being exposed to high levels of estrogen since babies...why don't their estrogen receptors desentisize and downregulate? Why do they still keep on growing bigger breasts year after year? I feel there's a missing piece to this puzzle. 

(ps. your daughter is lucky to have you as her mommy Smile Who wouldn't want a mommy who's so health conscious and knowledgeable Big Grin

StarSister - you're a Fermenter too?? That's great! I love meeting other Fermenters! I'm addicted to water kefir and fermented veggies! (I wish I had the time for milk kefir though)

I think you have a point that those girls who eat junk (and hence ingest a lot of hormones) look older. They really do age quicker, it's not just our perception. Where I live, it's really common for girls to fully develop at age 9 or 10. That's crazy early! And honestly, today I see that most of them look way older. It's not just the way they look, it's also the state of their health. I don't think it's quite normal that at age 18 they are already suffering with stuff that only post-menopause women complain about! 

So yes, as Ella said....big breasts.....at a price.

Ah yes I have the grains and made a batch once which turned out ok but then at that point I had no raw milk so wasn’t sure if it was any good and then I can buy a bottle of coconut kefir which lasts months for $25  Big Grin

Ok so yes you made a point re desensitisation... maybe estrogen receptors don’t desensitise? I posted something in my thread last night I think you might understand more than me. I. Sitting here with a coffee trying to wake up so won’t be looking into it today. 

But yes my girls friends getting periods at 10! Huge bosoms at tender young ages too. My friends daughter was hit on at a concert by a thirty something NOT realising she was 14 ! 

Do you have any thoughts on caffeine and estrogen or subsequent breast growth? That’s my next project. Hearing more conflicting info.. hmm French women coffe capital of the world, wonder what their breast size average is!

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