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Various ways to NBE basic guide
(30-06-2017, 01:45 AM)Chrissygwy Wrote: Hi everyone 
Am pretty new to NBE this forum is great for info and alot of experience from various people...
NBE = natural breast enhancement 
How to NBE
 Firstly an intro to different methods
- do you want to ingest herbs?
- do you want to ingest whole foods or drinks
- do you want to use food based topicals eg. Oils
- do you want to use herb based topicals
- do you want to massage
- do you want to noogle
- binary tracks

The easiest and safest is massage there are various techniques and just a base oil can do it. Some use flaxseed oil as it has NBE properties.  Others add essential oils to boost circulation or add the skin tone.
Another cheap method is using binary tracks you can find them on youtube and you listen and i personally have a great response from my breast i get a nice deep ache i think it helps wake them up. 

More expense but non-herbal is noogleberry - suction device but it is longterm and it can be time consuming and you need some privacy daily and time set aside. This is also apparently helpful with those with asymmetrical breast (suction sml breast).
Topicals are things such as volufiline, breast creams containing PM or other known breast enhancing herbs these can be expensive or can also diy creams.
Wholefood ingestion are things such as  foods known to contain herbs that mimic or kick start hormones in our bodies - knowledge n balance is the key here.
And last and most cautionous category is herbal supplements - while some get fast great results with no troubles there are alot of stories about women who have messed their cycles up and thrown their bodies into chaos because of using herbs so this one requires caution, research and monitoring.

Other things to mention is that all natural breast enhancement is long-term project there is no one month treatment or quick fixes most methods require atleast 4month commitment to see anything and some much longer to see any notable increases.

Another important thing is nutrition - you need to give your body what it needs to grow or improve your breast (you cant grow plants in depleted soil same goes for your body). 

You can use one method or combine - if intending to use herbs or wholefood ingestion please please do research you dont want to overload your body with too much as side effects could be very harmful were not just talking late period some ladies have ended up in hospital.
Combining generally means noogle, massage, topicals and maybe a herb.

And I personally think that massage is essential not a choice - you want to wake those puppies up and giving them some love and attention daily helps circulation 'wake up'.  When first started i used massage and coconut oil and i seen improvement in shape and it created a great base to start growth.

Other tips - closer to puberty the better response but the more you should stay away from herbs def dont touch if under 20-21 concentrate on massage and other non herb methods. 

One more thing is expect fluctuations - after your peroid your breast may decrease or you may lose your growth this happens to alot of women dont lose heart carry on read some forums get inspired to continue on! 

this forum is great for info - when looking through them checkout people's age, experience with NBE and what route they have chosen to take eg herbs, massage, noogle etc. Some suggest things then never come back to tell results or experience...so look for experience over quick results! 
And ask question most regulars or experienced users will be happy to chime in - ive seen other ask questions in old threads with users no longer using forum, so if you want to ask something just checkout if thread is current and read through to make sure your question hasnt been answered already.

Hope this helps! 

For more details on various methods mention have a look through threads in forum

Love this Chrissy! Good job!! Cool

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