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Bras To Make Your Breasts Bigger
I'm realizing now that your title meant "bras that make your breasts look bigger", which is certainly a valid subject. However there have been bras on the market that alleged to actually contribute to enlarging the breast while your wear them. I forget the brand, but there was one on the market some years back that required custom fitting and was no doubt expensive. I read an interesting account of wearing it by a lady who claimed it was working for her, though. I'm pretty sure the same principle could work with other bras as long as you pick the right one and use it properly.

The most important thing was for the bra to fit very well, of course. An underwire was necessary, too, as you discuss above. A bra for this also need a wide strap and, probably, full upper coverage. The idea is to take a moment every so often through the day and gently pull the flesh forward around the breast into the bra cup. Surprisingly, the best way to do this is to moisten the inside of the strap and around the cup (well, underside, anyway). While not very comfortable, this grips the bra to the skin and gradually pulls tissue into the breast area. I think it works somewhat like Noogleberry and other suction systems do, but pulling in surrounding tissue rather than expanding the breast area.

It's been a long time, but I did it for some time and did seem to have some noticeable gain. The bra I was using probably wasn't the best for the job, though. Now that you remind me of this I think I'll try to scare up a good one and try that some more.

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