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My personal program. (and pictures)
Hello ladies,

I have started my breast enhancement regime 2 days ago.
At the moment, it looks like this:

- PM (Ainterol) in the morning, the powder of the pill under tongue for 1 minute (after a week I will take it both morning and evening)
- breast massage (chyiomilk’s technique) in the morning and evening, with olive oil in which I’ve added powder from the PM capsules (I really don’t know if the powder will make any difference, since extract is the product that needs to be added to massages)
- I do the massage after dry brushing+warm shower
- krill oil, MSM and natural vitamin C
- hypnosis audio I have found online
- relatively healthy eating, with vegetable juice and protein salads, and eggs etc. I don’t eat junk food, but I do eat sweets once in a while, and I drink coffee, but I will be quitting coffee from tomorrow, because this regime is important to me.

In 2 weeks I will add organic vegan protein powder shakes daily.
I started in the 1st day of my period. And I will take PM for 15 days, and then switch to Fenugreek for the next days until my 1st day of period again. I will also switch to flaxseed oil while I am taking fenugreek.

I don’t know if I am estrogen dominant or not. I have always had regular periods and no pain. Last year I tried fenugreek and flaxseeds oil for about a month and I could see results, but I stopped. This time I am committed to keep the regime until I get my desired results no matter how long it takes.

I am 27 years old, my measurements are 85cm bust, 66cm waist, 95cm butt.

In the pictures you can see that my right breast is smaller. The difference is much more noticeable in pictures than in real. And the pictures are after my massage so they are a bit oily. The bra is a 34B, but my breasts don't fill it fully. (they do with a 34C bra)




I like my breasts, even if they are small they look nice. That’s one of the reasons I wouldn’t go under the knife, I’ve seen so many bad results, and if natural growth won’t work, I prefer my breasts as they are rather than regret.

I would appreciate any advice from you ladies, regarding my regime. And I will keep updating my thread with new results and pictures.



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