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Discharge of way early menstral cycle? Help!
Hi i am in need if help!
Why would i have early fo period so early after taking pm for about 10 days?
Let me tell u what i did.

I started fenugreek 1/day om my leteal phase.
As my peiod began, i started taking pm from my 3 rd day of peiod 1/day
Strangely from the 3rd day i started to have less period than usual.
By the way my period cycle is very precise and i think i am most likely normal as far as hormone is concerned.
And i finished the period earlier than usual. I thought strange but still took pm one each day after the peripd for 5 more days. This time, i took 2 per day cause It seems i have very subtle tinglish feeling on my breasts but not strong. During the 5 days, my vaginal discharge was not normal color. It turned dark brown and i finally see blood! What do i do?

Do u think pm is too strong for me? Its only been about 2 weeks since i started pm.
I wanted to see the result quickly so after reading much, i decided on taking pm.
Oh, i took prenatal vitamin calcium together.

Plz tell me your professional opinion.!!!

I dont smoke nor drink
Dietary is very normal (i think)

Should i stop? Is pm massing up my hormonal balance? Is it why its showing little bit of blood? plz tell me what to do!

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