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HELP! PM cream after period and having period again in a week!?
I was doing NBE 2 years ago and had to stop due to moving, school, and new job. I was taking fg, hops, fish oil, and collagen and was on BC (ortho tri-cycln lo). I then switched to just massages using palmer's cocoa oil and robust after.

I recently started massaging again. My period started on August 17 and I waited after my period ended on August 24th to massage using cocoa oil and then robust for a week. After the 1 week with robust I only massage with cocoa oil. I have always been on BC because I have irregular period. On September 2 I woke up and went to the bathroom and notice there was spotting and then throughout the day it was like period. And still having it now. What should I do? Has anyone experience it before?

PS: Was planning to start plan of PM plan next month.

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