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My Experience and Thinking Your Way to Bigger Breast
Omg, I really didn't expect to see such a nice response (or...one in general lol) and I'm especially surprised to see so many thank you's really the pleasure is all mine! Also I love how LOA or the mental part of NBE was on a lot of people's minds recently it's very...interesting. And in response to seraphic yes, I do plan on making updates because there will always be something new to learn and I don't think my NBE journey will be over anytime soon Big Grin
Indeed this is a great conversation! All great and encouraging responses! Big Grin Big Grin Now, about directed dreaming... Please elaborate! I can lucid dream sometimes and I have started trying to work more with my dreams. I find they come in cycles, sometimes. There was a time where I had many nice dreams- some spiritual and or magical. As of late, I find my dreams have been about annoying or frustrating mundane things and also, conversely, romantic dreams. I have woken up a lot with "what the heck did I just see?!"
feelings. So, I would be glad to learn more about this as I am also engaging this in my LOA practice.


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