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tibetan princess's program
Hi I am back again after five years! Iknow! I failed at my first attempt. Then tried NBE again with very little success(my weight kept fluctuating 5-7 lbs) so it was hard to tell what really was in the boob department. But now I am at my desired weight and sustaining(sign of better health after months of cleansing my liver and kidneys here and there)
So what is my problem?
Hashimoto's disease, Low temps, insulin resistance, estro dominance, you name it!
I know I should not be attempting nbe but I did all my tests and have a pretty good Idea where I need to start, so I am being hopefulWink

A bit about my background:
I am about 5ft2
96 lbs
33-25-35 (between an A/B Dag-gommit)
29 yrs old no kids,unmarried
All of my aunties are large busted except for my mom who had grave's disease
(she was always small like barely a B cup, so go figure of course she didn't sprout like her sisters or mom)
What I would like to gain and get back:

1.) I would like to heal my thyroid while taking NBE herbs.
2. I am bottom heavy, I want my top to match my ass.
3.) I want my tiny little waist back! I have gained in the mid section over the years.
4.) I would like to kill androgens! I have acne on my back and face. Total mess!

Okay, I have started an NBE program (2,3rd attempt btw) from giving myself a 3 year break.

My reason for trying once more:
I was tempted to do this again when I moved to a small town and began eating farm fresh eggs and veggies, etc. I noticed my breasts grew a half of an inch over that 1 month of being there! Even my cousin said something about it so I knew it wasn't just me.
I knew it was because of my new,better diet and slightly better and relaxing lifestyle. So I thought to myself, "maybe I can try again."

I was using a bit of PC(the kind with phyto estrogens with it)but I had been using it for years off and on. But the last 2 cycles where a bit different: Instead of using PC on
12-26, I used it a couple weeks only, but starting on the week before the suggested day.

By the time my cycle ended and the 5 day rolled around, I had notice my growth had stayed. It was significant enough that I had to throw out one of my bras! I am tight and
filling out of the others. I was ecstatic and so now I am going to give it a go again but not ever give up thanks to the girls on this forum like Eve from way back, Anastasia(I've been reading your pages and I like how you never gave up! Cheryl, and that other wonderful lady Isabelle: you gave me some new info in a way I could understand it bestWink

So If I continue to be successful, I will keep posting on my page as a "thank you" and to give back and help someone else who maybe hopeless with Hashimoto's, Hypothyroidism and low temps!

1st cycle:
-PC starting day 7-28, massage with epo and ate more warming food
-I also went to China town a while back and got some herbals, ordered from Mountain Rose Herbs, (lovethem!)and started taking my anti-adro teas daily:
Reishi,MT,WP(peony), Pygeum Bark.
-1 tbspn of Chia Seeds
-Raw green multi vit-mineral

The only side effect I had and still do for some reason is dry eyes. I stopped my teas and it is getting better but still dry. (I believe a side effect of Hypothyroidism)
I think the conversion of testosterone into estrogens is weighing on my thyroid. My doc told me my DHEA levels were slightly high along with testosterone. So no Maca for me. I will take my TPO anti bodies test soon.

My nipples have puffed like rose buds. I have experienced shooting pains, soreness here and there.
Tops and innards of breasts have been filling abit. Yep, I am now a full 32B with some cleavage!
Other than that, I have way less acne, my back and face are clear
and I am starting to see my hourglass shape again.

1st shot is the unexpected growth spurt of half inch before this latest attempt of nbe (Filling a 32B)
2nd shot is today(3rd day after menses) all soreness and swelling has gone (Spilling full into a32B)
3rd shot is that awesome luteal swelling(oh how I miss thee already!) (Looks like a small C)
I am happy to report my cycle came on time on the same day from last month's, just in the middle of the day. I was worried cause I normally get it during the early morning before dawn.
I had more cramps but I ate spinach and greek yogurt for the calcium and the cramping subsided Wink
its always that first day for me.

As I write, I am on day 3 and I can tell all of my swelling and soreness has gone down. I am at 33" 3/4 which is about a ittle more (1/8") from what I had from my las growth.

I am debating whether or not I should wait another month to add a phyto estrogen such as Hops or GR.

This concludes my 1st cylce and I am entering cycle 2( 2nd month of BE)

they are only between an a and b cup :O
they look alot bigger Smile and are a great shape, good luck with your growth x
Thank you so much for your comment. I think PC makes them round.

Before my unexpected spurt, they were starting to sag and one looking slightly tuberose.
progesterone cream? wow how do u use it? but i think it must be working not many women are lucky enough to have them so round
oh and if this is your 3rd attempt thats meant to be lucky
Yes, progesterone cream. I think I was so (and possibly still am) estro dominant that when I used PC a week before Luteal phase, I jump started a growth caused by resensitizing my receptors.
Right now instead of taking my cleansing teas, I am drinking distilled water to leach all the hormones and toxins out that may be clogging up my organs, that way by the time I start my new cycle, I can get the most out of my herbs.

I put on my breasts and massage with vit E or EPO and I put the cream elsewhere when I feel I have loaded the receptors up for the moment.
So for this cycle I am adding:

-slowly ramp hops up (from 250mg)
-Ovine Placenta (700mg)
-Mammary Gland tissue (150)
-Bee Pollen
-I think CFS once a week. I eat the feet.They are delicious (sorry for those of you who are grossed out)

But I have eaten these before and my nails grew like crazy for the next month after I ate themWink

-massage with sausage tree gel (for perk and tightnening)


I'm definitely gonna try searching for PC >w<

where you eating anything?
Hi LyndaLee,
consistant things I found myself most drawn to eating as far as healthy:
Japanese pumpkin, zuchinni squash, spinach, fertilized farm eggs, beef bacon, some curried potatoes and chicken here and there and I was eating a lot of honey fried chicken wings(they were so addicting!)
And those damn el pollo loco flame broiled chicken tostada bowls ( the good thing with them is their chicken is hormone free Wink)

I drank a lot of cocowater , fresh squeezed orange juice, some almond milk, water and

The only bad thing I was eating consistently through out 2 months were sonic cheeseburgers and fries.
cheated with a few baby sized cokesBlush

Also, I do recall those gummi fish oil chews(I ate like 6 a day sometimes!) those kind from costco.
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