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Brava breast system - disappointed customer!


disappointed with brava results
April 28 2010 at 4:51 AM jennifer (no login)


I have finished my second round with brava and disappointed with the result. I have been wearing it for 29 weeks, only skipped one day if I ever did skip. And that day was more like after wk20 which shouldn't effect too much. Besides that, all I can recall was a couple of days with 8 hours wearing time also toward the middle or end of the 29week period.
I only gained less than 1/2 inch! However, I now have the brown spots from where the side of dome touched my skin. Sad. so much trouble and so much money spend. I want bigger breast, but not the implants, not the painful suction which will turn my breast purple. But soooo much trouble for so little gain, I'm discouraged.

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(no login) Re: disappointed with brava results April 28 2010, 10:49 AM

hey im on my second round of brava also
im aiming for 16 weeks (8 to go) and so far im not seeing as amazing results as i did the first time
once the swelling goes down i have about the same size as i started

my first round was 15 weeks an average of 12 hours and a gain of around 2.5 inches
may i ask what the sats were for ur first round?
im thinking of doing another round of twelve weeks later in the year
but im not sure my domes will be able to go on much longer

what are other peoples experiences with their second round of brava??

(no login) Re: disappointed with brava results April 29 2010, 2:19 PM

My first round was 29 weeks also. At the end of 29 weeks, I gained a little over 2 inchs and gradually lost over 1 inch. By the time I started with the 2nd round(about 6 month after the end of my 1st one), I probably kept a little less than 1 inch. I have already gone through 2 sets of brava domes. My first pair was wide large. Towards the end of my 1st round, the silicone rim on one of the domes worn out and had trouble with the seal. so I bought the 2nd set for a wide xl. I guess at the time I was hoping I would out grow my 1st one and foresee my breasts will get so big and have to get the xl to fit in. I was way too optimistic. I really had lots of trouble with my xl domes. At the beginning when I use the smartbox, it was ok. But the swelling wasn'd good at all. over a 12 hours session, I might have only swell 1/2-1 inch the most. So I had to use the airlock. My swell got better, but the dome always cove in and the side of the dome would for sure touches my skin and created the brown spots. I have stopped wearing it for 2 month and sometimes I measured with 0 inch gain from my 2nd round. I think it was somewhere from 0 - 1/3 gain and who knows I might loss it all in the next couple of months.

Brava breast system - disappointed customer!
February 20 2008 at 8:00 AM Alicia (no login)


I'm a customer of Brava and a disappointed one. In December I completed 12 weeks of wearing the domes with an average of 12 hours of wear a night. I didn't miss any nights in the whole time, nor did I wear them for less than 10 hours a night or more than 14 hours a night. When I finished my wear time just before Christmas I thought my results were fantastic as I had gone from an original 34A to a full and firm 34B. However it's sad to report, but today I'm right back to my original size of 34A. The only good news is that I have not suffered any adverse effects on my nipples or the breasts in general. I had feared that I was going to get drooping or loose skin due to the skin having been stretched so much, so I feel grateful that there's nothing like that whatsoever. Despite the disappointment of Brava, I can at least say that I've not been damaged in any way.

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(no login) Re: Brava breast system - disappointed customer! February 20 2008, 7:57 PM


How long did it take for your growth to wear off?

Have you lost weight or anything?

(no login) Re: Brava breast system - disappointed customer! February 21 2008, 8:44 AM

It took from the week before Christmas until now. I'm pretty sure I haven't lost any weight recently.

(no login) Re: Brava breast system - disappointed customer! February 25 2008, 8:44 PM

I agree, didn't work for me either - just compromised my life for a year.
It made my nipples go permaently bumpy and slightly darker.
I paid over £2000 for mine when it first came out (hopefully that should make you feel a little better, as I expect you'll have got it cheaper if you used it more recently!!) You live and learn I suppose.


(no login) Re: Brava breast system - disappointed customer! February 26 2008, 9:29 AM

I used Brava and it did nothing for me. I wore it exactly as specified.
I did however get grooves on the inside of my breasts which look like white stretch marks, and I assume due to the nature of the product pulling on the breast tissue all day this is exactly what happened.
I am gutted about it and it has made me wish i had just appreciated the small, but pert and unmarked breasts that i had before.
I am in my twenties and have not had kids or any weight fluctuation so Brava is definitely what caused this. It also made one of my nipples sag a little.
Personally, i would say it's not worth the risk.

(no login) Re: Brava breast system - disappointed customer! February 26 2008, 12:54 PM

I'm considering Brava. Did you use the airlock or smartbox? Do you think it matters which you use?

Also, what negative affect did it have on your nipples?

Brava stagnates very much
May 10 2006 at 1:37 PM Small Stray Cat (Login smallstraycat)


Hello I have used the brava probably 9 weeks now, to the present 1.5cm gain, but the last month stagnates very much. My consultant said is stagnates the time with the brava 7-8.9th week, why but doesn't know. I used for 2 weeks and already to have 1.5cm to grow, afterwards did not have the change, a little worried, because if only had 1.5cm, after stopped using the brava generally can recede some. If the present grows 1.5cm, after recede takes place what is left does not have the big distinction. Hoped more result or maybe not gain any in the end. Anyhow I'm happy we are allowed to exchange the attainment news together and many encouragements to everyone.

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(Login indiana22) Re: Brava stagnates very much May 10 2006, 9:51 PM

Hi, sorry to hear your breast growth with brava has stabilised. I have been using brava for about 11 weeks and have found the growth to be quite slow. Although brava recommend about 11 weeks wear, I think that most people need much longer and although at 9 weeks it can be quite disheartening to have stabilised growth after all the time and effort, you may find you need about 18-20 weeks of wear.

What breast size are you- do you know whether you are what brava call a slow-responder? this is also determined by age, race, body fat, the amount you exercise and whether you have kids. For the first 7-8 weeks of using brava I hardly retained any of my swelling, even though I wore the contraption religiously. It is only now at week 11 I feel I am stating to retain growth and plan to carry on using the system for another 8 weeks

Also I would suggest if whether it would be possible for you to wear brava for a longer period of time, I wear mine for 13 hours a night which is the maxiun time I can physically do it due to work. If I had more time I would wear it for longer, although would warn wearing it for too long as you might get painful blisters- as I have before. Additionally if you are using the airlock, perhaps crank yhe suction up a knotch. (You've probably thought/done this already-but just in case).

Hope any of this helps, be happy to answer any more questions you have.
Good Luck.

(no login) Re: Brava stagnates very much May 11 2006, 10:52 AM

It seems that everything Brava say is understated. The number of hours you need to wear it for is at least what they say, but realistically probably more. The number of week the need to wear it for is at least what they say, but realistically probably more. Whatever Brava say about anything I'd double it to be realistic, unless it's the amount of growth they say you're going to get in which case I think I'd halve it to be realistic.

Small Stray Cat
(Login smallstraycat) Re: Brava stagnates very much May 21 2006, 7:48 AM

I respond as a fact quickly! I used for 2 weeks and already to have 1.5cm to grow! But since then stagnate. As I am now am A cup, Chinese from Taiwan. I take your suggest to try longer time, more hours. I give all encorgaements to others and hope we continue to exchange the news here. Maybe will work for me longer time.

(no login) Re: Brava stagnates very much January 9 2007, 8:05 AM

That was a very apt comment from Karen. I have to say that what she says is my impression exactly!

Please don't spend $ on Brava
March 6 2006 at 3:30 AM Bekka (no login)


I've used the Brava myself. And what a waste of money that was. It cost over $1000.00, I purchased it from seeing the commercials on TV which is why it must have been less than a lot of other women have spent. It took me about 2 months to recieve it, but that was a couple of years ago now.

When you are desperate for a larger chest, or in my case, a chest at all, you don't seem to think it's such a big deal to wear this contraption for 10 hours a day for 10-12 weeks, but let me tell you, it is very difficult. It's huge, you can't wear this thing in public, I look like Dolly Pardon with it on, also, when the smart box (some little motor that regulates the pressure in the domes) when this thing kicks on, it's loud, and a little embarassing.

Say good bye to a personal life if your not married, because if you miss one day of wearing it, it sets you back 4 days. My back was hurting so bad too because it's so heavy and you have to sleep laying on your back, pillows tucked all over, helps but not much.

Another problem I would have all the time, is while I was sleeping, I would move and lose pressure in my domes, when this happens, the smart box is supposed to kick on, and if on for longer than 10 minutes, an alarm would sound. Well that's great, isn't it? I would get woken up so many times during night, after taking forever to fall asleep in the first place. Many times though, I would wake up in the morning, and my smart box wasn't running it was turned off. I would probably while half asleep in the middle of the night hit the wrong button and turn it off, instead of turning the alarm off. Well, there goes four days because I didn't have the full pressure for 10 hours that night.

I did not keep any growth, all reviews I've found that is not affilated with Brava, have all been bad, too bad for me I didn't have internet when I purchased it.

I also have these brown markes on the outsides of each of my breasts, marks from the suction domes, so I guess I did get something out it, NICE, hope they don't last forever.

Good Luck to all that decide to purchase Brava, but please read more reviews before doing so.


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(Login bradley2668) Re: Please don't spend $ on Brava March 6 2006, 5:16 AM

thanks i dose not sound like very good product

(no login) Re: Please don't spend $ on Brava March 7 2006, 11:06 PM

YOur message reminds me of how bad an experience brava was for me, in particular because I kept losing pressure during the night. It seemed like every time I moved I had the problem you describe. Maybe I should have been strapped down, so that I couldn't move during the night, ha ha.

(no login) Another negative Brava experience March 17 2006, 8:41 AM

I used Brava about three years ago when it was relatively new. The Smart Box seemed to work all right, only broke down once. But the suction cups kept slipping off during use, and on top of that I developed a horrible blistering and rash where the two cups met in the middle ("cleavage" area for those who actually have a cleavage). However, I persevered, and wore the apparatus for a full 17+ weeks. This was a very long time to put my life on hold, which is what truly has to happen when you look like a circus freak 10-12 hours every day.

Two weeks after I gave up the Brava, I discovered that when all the swelling subsided I was left not only with the same exact size breasts I had prior to usage, but I also was saggier from having had the deflated sacs pulled on for 17 weeks! The blistering also caused permanent scarring on my chest, and I now have stretch marks near my underarms...something I never dreamed I'd develop after having already been through pregnancy and breastfeeding without stretch marks.

Brava was a sheer waste of time and money, plus now I have "battle scars" as well. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone (unless I had a score to settle).

Miss Abrupt
(no login) Re: Please don't spend $ on Brava March 30 2006, 10:26 AM

I agree, please don't buy this terrible product. Be happy with what God gave you.

(Login Tulipflower) Highly Not Recommended March 30 2006, 7:55 PM

I used brava religiously for 10 weeks as they suggested and I saw no absolutely no results. I told them this and they gave me a bunch of excuses like it can take longer if you have low body fat, never had children, have a fast metabolism, work out a lot yada yada yada... They went on saying that results vary with every person. Well of course! EVERYTHING varies with every person! But if their product is supposed to do what it says it does then the MAJORITY of women should see SOME kind of results after 10 weeks of "recommended" torture even if they're small results! Otherwise, why are they selling this product?!

(no login) I've seen results.. April 21 2006, 7:20 AM

I have to disagree with you all. I had a pleasent expierence. Well, let me rephrase that, I saw results. I also enjoyed the swelling during the day. I am what they call a slow responder. I grew 2 inches across my chest! That is alot for someone who had no possible cleavage before. It is uncomfortable and you can't really be seen anywhere in public with it on. And it may leave marks. And I have had to spend one buying 2 extra domes ($250 each). I must say it was worth it and I will be doing it again.

And regardless of what the company says, it may take 3 times 10 weeks. Its science. So you just have to stick with it.

Before buying really think hard if you want it bad enough to be uncomfortable for a few months.

(no login) Re: Please don't spend $ on Brava April 21 2006, 3:46 PM

Hi, I think i'd never buy this product. Any of you have a husband or live in boyfriend? what abou sleeping with them every night for 3 months with this thing on?!! That's crazy!!! They will prefer a real woman, no matter how flat chest she is!!

(no login) For Kel April 23 2006, 12:38 AM

Hi Kel! Good to hear some positive feedback regarding Brava. How long ago did you stop wearing Brava? And how long did it take for the water swelling to go down so you could measure true growth? I am about to stop wearing Brava and want an idea of how long it should take before I can claim true growth. I've been wearing for over 20 weeks (Brava told me I should wear at least 16 weeks).

(Login Jacka-b)
EVE MEMBERS Re: Please don't spend $ on Brava May 8 2006, 5:15 PM

Absolutely, this is a device of torture.. why not give your breasts the loving, positive care they need by massaging them and doing the correct excercises, and following a good diet or herbal programme, untill you find something that suites you, rather than finding out after weeks of hell that actually brava never suited you! I do appologise to all those woman who have had wonderful, miraculous experiences with Brava, whoever and where ever you might be!

I've had enough!
March 22 2007 at 7:54 AM ScottishGal20 (Login ScottishGal20)


This brava thing is really starting to piss me off (excuse the language). Its taking up too much of my time, its a pain having to put them on every night and the stupid smart box keeps buzzing and waking me up in the middle of the night. Plus, Im looking at myself in the mirror at the end of the night thinking "I look smaller now than I did before I started using brava, why am I doing this"?! Is it actually possible that its made me smaller?!

Oh I dont know, Im seriously considering giving it up, its stressing me out...

Author Reply
(Login minniecooper) Re: I've had enough! March 22 2007, 8:09 AM

i thought that it made my breast even SMALLER too, but today i actully kept some of the swelling

all day long till i put it back on tonight and i've only wore it at the most 12hrs a night for a

couple of weeks this gave me a little hope i just hope it's not my eyes playing tricks on me. it

is now 3:00 am and yes i am still up obcessing over my boobs damn it. Smile

(Login nychelle) Re: I've had enough! March 24 2007, 5:57 AM

up to this point, how days and how many hours a day have you been using brava?

(no login) Re: I've had enough! March 25 2007, 1:35 PM

just so you know - i thought that i was making real progress too. then the brava coach gently reminded me that if you were it for 12 hours your breast will still be a little swollen when you put it on again at night. she told me that if i want to see what im really working with i have to wear it 10 hours a night for a week, and then end of the end at the end of the week that is what i will have..
it might be a bit different for me because i am in "overtime" im on week 17

just wear it every night and try not to think about whether its working, its sucks, but its the only way

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(Login Tallulahblu) Brava-never again! August 22 2008, 10:58 PM

I used the Brava system for absolutely months, it made me so depressed in the end it was a simple case of bin it of have a breakdown (i was close to lighting a bonfire & burning the thing). I lasted as long as about 9 months & had no lasting growth, Although the initial swelling was fantastic though slightly uncomfortable. I just couldn't carry on with it i was very determined but it just wasn't fair on my partner Kids or myself. To top it all off it has also left me with a huge prodruding vien in the middle of my chest Sad

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(Login Louise1982)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: I've had enough! August 25 2008, 10:07 AM

I haven't used any suction now for about 3 months, before I was 135 lbs and 32B / 34A, I'm now 105 lbs and 32C / 30D. I did continue to lose more for longer than the 2 weeks they advertise but I definitely have lasting growth and I've lost weight - yes using Brava is horrible - the first week I was going to work every day having managed 1-2 hours sleep at best but it gets better. Ditch the noisy smartbox and make an airlock - if you suck them on tight enough they stay on over night and you can sleep in a more comfortable position. Every time I get dressed I'm amazed that I have boobs! Still nothing much to write home about but last time my weight was this low I was 32A at most....aiming for more with the next cycle....

Also for all the people out there who say you can't change your body shape - I've lost 2-3 dress sizes and gone up a bra size!

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(no login) Re: I've had enough! August 30 2008, 6:26 PM

Louise, you know what, I have been reading this forum quite often. Every time, when somebody got discouraged, you'll always there to send out your encouragement and warm support. It was you and a few others helped me carry it this far and don't feel alone. Please DO NOT EVER LEAVE THIS SITE for we need you. I'm sure there are must be many people feel the same way as I do.
Good luck to you!

(no login) Re: I've had enough! September 2 2008, 3:00 PM

Personally I don't think we are smaller than we started, I think it's that we are getting used to that beautiful swelling that gives us the breasts of our dreams, then at night we look pathetic! I was feeling like I look smaller too, but when I try on my bras, they are tighter.
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