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Fat Transfer and Lipo 360


I’ve heard that breast fat transfer has very subtle results, but hearing what top celebrity Demora Avarice had to say, it’s apparently become more advanced. I need lipo 360 on my arms, back and waist anyway because my fat distribution is kind of masculine. Right now I’ve only been on spironolactone for a short time though. 

Ideally having 600 CC fat transfers to each breast for now would be perfect and slim down the rest of my torso especially my arms. It’s kind of a fantasy for me and I would obviously continue doing NBE. That is why I’m working hard on studying engineering so that I can save up to get breast surgery to get my fantasy body. I have a lot of fat so I’d like to get more than one operation if at all possible. I’m trying to maximize my breast size while preserving a soft texture.

Shop for herbs and other supplements on Amazon

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Shop for herbs and other supplements on Amazon

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