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The difference between collagen & gelatin (for milani)
The difference between collagen & gelatin (for milani)
April 27 2009 at 12:12 PM Sandra (Login SandraDD)


Hey milani

OK....I meant to reply this sooner but have been super busy.
(& i'm too lazy to search for the original post)

My doctor's pretty cool and he (and his nutritionist) both believe that NBE can work. I think u need a new doctor lol.

So this is the difference between collagen & gelatin:

The biggest difference between "collagen" and "gelatin" is the diversity of molecular structure. Collagen must possess a complete triple helix structure, molecular weight is about 283,000 Daltons, But the molecular weight of gelatin is irregular, ranging from maybe several million to about ten, Therefore ***it doesn't have the activity and function of original organism***

-Complete molecular structure
-Triple helix
-Can assemble collagen fiber
-Possess the activity and function of natural organism

Collagen used for cosmetics: mostly have the triple helix, but they cannot assemble collagen fibre, and possess less activity and function of the natural organism. (So don't be fooled by cosmetics or skin care products that claim to "boost the collagen in ur skin". The only effect way is to take collagen orally)

Contains no conductible material and can't affect the skin.
It doesn't have the activity and function of original organism, so it does not provide skin protection and its binding & moisturizing effect is only 30% of that of collagen.
-Molecular structure is irregular
-Lacks triple helix
-Presents non-collagen reaction
-Lacks collagen organism function

Structurally, collagen is composed of three polypeptide chains that are wound together into an -helix--like three strands of spaghetti twisted together--and held together by hydrogen bonding.

IMPORTANT: When collagen is heated in water, the triple helix unwinds and the chains separate, becoming random coils that dissolve in water: That's gelatin.
As the gelatin cools, the molecules try to regain the original helical structure and eventually bond together as they lose energy.

Gelatin is an incomplete nutritional protein because it lacks tryptophan, an essential amino acid.

Even when I take collagen I can't drink it with heated water, because that'll damage its effect. Also, collagen that comes in powder form is more effective since when the molecules are too big our bodies can't absorb them effectively. The collagen powder has to be able to be hydrolyzed into lower molecular weight for maximum absorption.

And I think I've found something affordable (after lots of researching). I think after I'm done with my jar, I am going to try the brand NeoCell. It's a lot cheaper (between $10-15) and it has been featured on Oprah.....not that she's the most reliable source of NBE, but at least she won't feature some scandalous scamming products.

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(Login waxingmoon)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: The difference between collagen & gelatin (for milani) April 27 2009, 2:47 PM

Hi Sandra,

Great post. I just wanted to interject that the size of the molecule of collagen makes it impossible for the body to absorb it intact. The body breaks down collagen just as it does any protein.

This would mean that instead of using the collagen you supplement, your body will break it down into its molecular components and absorb it. Then your body would have the precursor to collagen, but not the collagen itself.

This is the breakdown of collagen. I got this from wikipedia:

Amino acids

Collagen has an unusual amino acid composition and sequence:

* Glycine (Gly) is found at almost every third residue
* Proline (Pro) makes up about 9% of collagen
* Collagen contains two uncommon derivative amino acids not directly inserted during translation. These amino acids are found at specific locations relative to glycine and are modified post-translationally by different enzymes, both of which require vitamin C as a cofactor.
o Hydroxyproline (Hyp), derived from proline.
o Hydroxylysine, derived from lysine. Depending on the type of collagen, varying numbers of hydroxylysines have disaccharides attached to them.


What I wanted to point out is that once you get these amino acids into your body you will need Vitamin C in order to make collagen again. I also wanted to point out that it is not necessary to make collagen by taking collagen supplements (which are a bit expensive if processed correctly). A diet high in glycine and proline would improve collagen production as long as there was enough vitamin C there as a cofactor.

So what foods are high in glycine and proline? Well protein and .... drumroll... broths made from gelatin.... Gelatin alone is not enough in the diet to sustain life, but it does add glycine and proline in the diet and interestingly it seems to aid in digestion.

Here is an article (good lord is it a long one) that talks all about glycine, proline and how gelatin can help increase this:


1. Take vitamin C to get the most of your collagen production in the body.
2. Increase your protein intake and collagen production will increase.
3. Gelatin broths are an inexpensive way to boost the precursors of collagen in the body.
4. The more natural the broth the better - chicken feet soup wins again... lol.

Again let me stress I am not knocking Sandra's well explained preference for collagen. Collagen supplements are a fine way to input the precursors of collagen into the body and also they help with joint related inflammation - so they are a worthy supplement to take. I just wanted to add a little more detail since Sandra had started off such an excellent topic.

Best wishes,

(Login SandraDD) Re: The difference between collagen & gelatin (for milani) April 27 2009, 3:22 PM

Wow Waxingmoon THANKS for the info!! (As you can see I looooove info's! lol)

That makes a lot of sense. Ok now I am convinced that gelatin works too.
I think maybe the difference is only in the strength/power in the same amount of collagen powder and gelatin.

Cuz I used to take gelatin but I find my NBE improved a lot after I started taking collagen powder (I've never felt my breasts so full! The top parts of my boobs used to always be flat but now they are bulging--even tho I'm losing weight and have lost a few pounds!!)...guess that's why I swear by collagen powder. lol.

I'm gonna read that article in detail when I have time...thanks for sharing the article.
BUT I have to agree...nothing beats chicken feet soup. Natural sources of collagen, foods, protein are always the best. Maybe I should give gelatin another try, maybe last time I just didn't buy good gelatin...hmm

Yes always take vitamin C (and dried longan--I was told it helps the formation of collagen too) with collagen. Both are grrreat.


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SENIOR MEMBER Re: The difference between collagen & gelatin (for milani) April 27 2009, 3:35 PM

Wow, this is great stuff, ladies! Thanks so much! I think it helps to know *why* it's good to take certain supplements, then you can really be confident about what you're doing and when you believe in something, I think it works better!


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SENIOR MEMBER Re: The difference between collagen & gelatin (for milani) April 27 2009, 4:07 PM

I thought chicken feet soup contains gelatin not collagen??

But yeah proteins can be hundreds, thousands and milions of aminoacids long, and their shape is very important for their function, but in the gut they all get degraded down to single aminoacids and peptides of just 2 or 3 aminoacids lenght, and that is what you absorb. Then your body makes new proteins from these aminoacids.

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SENIOR MEMBER Re: The difference between collagen & gelatin (for milani) April 27 2009, 11:37 PM

Hi Sandra thanks for all the great input, i can see you like your research! and have contributed some good info!
Also thanks for replying to my 30D post, i might have a look at some of those sites. I did go on la senze's online website and saw that they did a much bigger range of my size on line so i have ordered a couple. I do however remain convinced that the lady measured me wrong! it felt really tight in the shop, guess i will wait for my new bras and see how they feel..

(no login) Re: The difference between collagen & gelatin (for milani) April 28 2009, 4:34 AM

sandra i read somewhere in this forum that you take wonderup how are the results how long have you been taking them? how much did you gain? iam considering wonderup

(Login SandraDD) Re: The difference between collagen & gelatin (for milani) April 28 2009, 1:52 PM


haha i totally like my research--cuz I wish I had done these research when i was 16!

yea i'm not crazy about la senza's stuff. i don't think the design fits very well, especially for girls with smaller frames like us. hope the ones u ordered work!

yea i'm taking wonderup after seeing milani's awesome results. i actually only started 8 days ago so i'm not the best person to ask. But the last time I recorded my measurements was 10 days ago and since then I've gained 1.5cm.
I just measured myself and I'm 85.5cm (around 33 3/4") which is the biggest I've ever measured so i'm excited!!!!!

I really wasn't expecting any gain.
I am flying next week and I'll traveling for a month and half so my original plan was to actually start my program after I come back. I just wanted to take Wonderup because I'm working on dropping 2 pounds so I'm taking it to prevent losing my boobs. I had not expected to gain like this so i'm thrilled.

But apart from Wonderup I am also taking collagen powder, borage seed oil, EPO, amongst other supplements. I also started chicken feet soup--MUST drink chicken feet soup!!!

I'd rec wonderup. before finding this ridiculously-amazing-and-out-of-this-world-forum i was thinking about buying bountiful breast and i'm so happy i went with WU instead.
(Yes Wonder up pays me commission. so do collage powder companies. so do chicken farms.)

You should go to the personal pictures page and take a look at Milani's pictures. THAT'll get you to make up ur mind. (yes Milani gets commission from WU too)

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SENIOR MEMBER Re: The difference between collagen & gelatin (for milani) April 28 2009, 7:51 PM

Lol Sandra your so funny Smile
aww its really nice to know i inspired someone in some way! im really happy you saw some change so soon too Smilehope it continues for us both!
I have actually posted my 3rd month updates on Sunday morning but there not here yet Sad. I'll make a post as soon as i notice that they are.


(no login) Re: The difference between collagen & gelatin (for milani) April 28 2009, 10:50 PM

oh really sandra and milani do you guys get commision from wonderup? how does that work? iam on wonderup too iam planning on ordering more wonderup pills is there any way i can get it for a lower price?

(Login millanii)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: The difference between collagen & gelatin (for milani) April 29 2009, 6:47 PM

lol no shes joking!! haha
well i got my second lot slightly cheaper buying it from a lady on here you could try asking if any1 has any or maybe check ebay? Not sure if they sell it on there tho Smile

(Login SandraDD) Re: The difference between collagen & gelatin (for milani) April 29 2009, 7:12 PM

HAHAHA Oh my I'm so sorry...I was joking! I WISH we get discounted wonderup. I'd probably take it until I'm a G cup, and then I can pretend to be really disturbed and talk about how terrible it is to have big breasts and about breast-shrinking surgery.
honestly, i think WU has good value for its price. how many months have u been on it?

haha yea u totally saved my ass! i was one click away from buying another ****ty product until I saw ur page!! and i saw that our stats are similar that's why i thought it'd be a good product for me.
i was so grateful i was even gonna offer to help you buy Mode Marie's bras for u & ship it to the states!! (cuz they are the most well designed and well fitted I've ever tried, and sometimes when I wear it I've even seen guys who get distracted by my "cleavage") but then i was like..."no...she's gonna think i'm a weirdo....i'll just be quietly grateful..."

(Login millanii)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: The difference between collagen & gelatin (for milani) April 29 2009, 11:02 PM

lol your crazy, your quite welcome to buy me bras if you want! Just dont get them shipped to the States cuz im from England! lol

(Login SandraDD) Re: The difference between collagen & gelatin (for milani) April 30 2009, 2:56 PM

hahaha yea i hear that a lot...not always a good thing but i sure keep ppl entertained!

hey seriously i can get them for u if u r interested. they are cheaper in asia too ESPECIALLY when you are spending the goddamn british pound!! i'm temporarily living in asia for now and there's a Mode Marie right across the street from where i live.

Taiwanese girls are so much smarter with boob growth & bras. Fengshui & TigerLily (i think that's her name) are both taiwanese too. I actually also went to the forum they learned all their tricks from too. And the Mode Marie sales told me wearing good bras is imperative. She said 90% of younger girls in tw are D cups & bigger.

My cousin (who is a E cup!) just came back for a visit and she like Mode Marie's bras too cuz the design is focused on coverage, lifting, and centering (to create cleavage). (She has sagging problem cuz she's too big)

but try the ones you just ordered first cuz they might work. PLUS you'll be growing even more soon!!! when u need to restock and u'r interested in it give me a shout whenevah!

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SENIOR MEMBER Re: The difference between collagen & gelatin (for milani) March 1 2010, 3:22 PM

what is the forum they used to go to???

(p.s to a previous post....chicken feet soup has gelatin in it but the feet are full of collagen.

(no login) Re: The difference between collagen & gelatin (for milani) March 2 2010, 4:56 AM

Thanks for the information!

So, how much vitamin C and collagen powder would you reccommend one take? Thanks!!!

(no login) Or... March 2 2010, 5:34 AM

...would taking the collagen powder with orange juice be sufficient? Thanks again for any replies to this.

(Login Cselestyna)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: The difference between collagen & gelatin (for milani) March 21 2010, 6:47 AM

i'm not sure about vitamin C however as for the collagen, i took my tablets from neocell and made them into a fine powder with my magic bullet, 2 tablets is about a teaspoon worth powdered....I put mine in a waterbottle filled with orange juice and put the lid on TIGHTLY and just shake the hell out of it so the powder mixes with the juice.....

i like this method lot Smile

hope this helps!


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