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$5 Herbal Cream Semi-Giveaway
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(15-08-2018, 06:00 PM)Loverandfighter Wrote: Ok cool!

I'm turning 20 in the next coming weeks so would it be O.K. to mess around with the ingredients in this? 
I think buying this would be easier on my wallet. 

Also, I was curious if I could actually pay without the item's name showing up on my monthly bank mail? It would be embarrassing to see that if anyone ever saw it  Blush

Yeah it's a pretty mild so it shouldn't be an issue.  Super Nattybust will be much stronger and is what requires caution, which is why I ask women to eat 4 months of the listed foods first.  In fact since I read you've been using 50% saponin fenugreek you may want to continue as the cream may contain less than what you've been using.  Unless you were only taking around 600 mg a day.  And at 20 your normal development is mostly done anyway.  It might be completely done already or it might barely continue as late as 23.

From Googling I think eBay purchases just show up as Paypal on your statement.  You may want to confirm yourself.


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