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Am i Being Naive???
Hi there 

I have just joined the forum in the hopes of finding someone who has used this brand.... Beauty nation's Puerarian Breast Serum???

I don't want to be naive. They have this list of testimonial on their site which I trully hope are real... but are they??? Anyone?

I would really appreciate a response.

Ps. I dont know if this is allowed here but I can attach a picture of this brand if anyone needs clarification.
The testimonials are not unreasonable for pueraria mirifica in general and might not be fake.  But most users will not do as well as those testimonials.  Check out the PM section of the forums and/or the forum search tool for more info.

The serum is way overpriced for PM and while not all are good, there's no reason it would be better than many other PMs.  You can get good PM in various forms for close to nothing.  For that price you could get a 6-24 month supply.


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