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Lover's Program II: The B Cup Revenge
Hey there

It's been a while. I am now 37 inches.  I grew .5 getting off of Bovine ovary and detoxing with Milk Thistle. Recently I bought Spearmint and MSM. I take two or three spoonfuls of MSM and about 4 spearmint pills a day. I know that MSM (by opit -MSM) as known for growth and spearmint is good for ridding free testosterone (btw which is working for body hair for me and sex drive.) I haven't been taking it long enough to see anything yet but I am going to noogle when I get privacy again. When I do noogle though my boobs look like perky D cups which is wonderful

My new program will most likely be based from the advice Surferjoe gave me (thank you very much!!) but I am done with bovine ovary as it did mess up my cycle, painful and longer periods, broke me out at times, fat stomach, smaller breasts after taking it too long, foggy thinking and body hair everywhere... Just to name a few.

 I want my c or d cups so in starting over with MSM and spearmint and getting tested when I get the money. I will be eating healthy too and eating more fats. Since I have gotten a whole inch from my journey I will be hoping to see more boobage soon. 

MSM btw had been great for my belly fat, constipation, hair, skin especially, and my joints. 
Spearmint is doing great for my stomach digestion, body hair growth (slowing the rate drive) , stress and lowering my once insane sex drive.

...also I may post pics of my breasts but I'm just a bit nervous about that. If I get insane growth in a few months, I may post a before and after in a bra.

My band size is 32 and bust inches is 37 inches...does this mean in a c cup? I'd say at least a large B cup

I noogled for an hour since I had the house to myself ! I swelled to a beautiful 38.5 inches! I can see it now! 

Big bboobies, here I come??

I think MSM is doing a wonderful job!!


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