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BO just isn't worth it.


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(13-06-2017, 04:36 AM) luvmishelly Wrote:
(20-04-2017, 10:43 PM) Pink.Chiffon Wrote: I know this is kind of late in responding but I have also read on Bountiful Breast I think it was to take BO for no longer than a year and a half, though they say 6-12 months is usually sufficient for women to see the results they are going for. My plan was to take BO for only a year.

If you are careful about what BO you buy (where it is sourced), the risk of getting mad cow is virtually zero. New Zealand and Argentine cattle have never had occurance of mad cow, which is why they are the most promoted sources for BO. For example, Swanson sources its BO from Argentine cattle. There are other brands that use New Zealand cattle. As long as your BO is from these two sources, it is pretty safe.

Hi, I just wanna ask, is this really true? Where did you hear that BO shouldn't be taken for more than a year??

A few years ago, I took Ultra Breast BO for about one year and grew a solid cup size from it, permanently. I was thinking of starting up BO again but since UB is apparently out of business, I'm thinking of going for the year-long package of Bountiful Breast.

But I guess I shouldn't take Bountiful Breast since I have taken BO for a year before from another brand? Or do they mean you shouldn't take any BO for like two consecutive years??

Sorry for all the questions ><

1 year 4 months 0 issues healthy as heck 3 blood tests to prove it. saddest part is my doc started me on Blockers 2 months ago when i started Real HRT pharma grade and then Estrogen a month later my Estrogen levels dropped from where BO got me.
Now 1 month on Estrogen I find out my 3rd blood test results tomorrow and get Estrogen prescribed at a higher dosage. (at least they better or they got some explaining to do.)

Also I used swanson BO it was the cheapest and seems to be very effective. But yea 1.4 years on BO no issues at all.
As far as that doctor they were talking hoopla. HRT does the exact same thing as BO its just stronger and less pills for HRT. BTW I also drank 2-3 beers a day while on BO I try to drink 1-3 a week on HRT if any.... Worse effects on your liver with HRT and alcohol



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(06-03-2017, 10:37 PM) ZaraAri Wrote: I was researching the effects of BO because it's so popular on this forum, and I've found numerous of sites that warn against taking it as well as testimonies from women that had adverse effects to their skin, hair, body, breasts and overall health, but I stumbled on this comment from a doctor and I felt compelled to share. Now I realize that a lot of people (both men and women) have seen great results with BO, but that doesn't cancel out the risks of taking it or equates it to being healthy or good for your body. Like this doctor has stated, prions can lie dormant in your system for years and years, only to resurface and cause problems later on in life. When it comes to taking herbs for breast enhancement, of course there is always a risk, but I would suggest that anyone interested in going the herbal route do a lot of research on that particular supplement and also at the very least be aware of the risks you are taking. Also, there are more well-researched herbs on the market that don't have as many ill effects that would probably be a better option. But of course, that decision is wholly yours alone, and I hope no one takes offense to this, but I just really felt the need to share and get this info out there. Afterall, everyone on this site is trying to get big/bigger boobs but I don't think that should mean compromising your health.

One last note: I would also think twice about ingesting animal placenta too, as I've also researched and found that they also can disrupt health and cause harmful side effects. (Pig/horse/sheep/lamb placenta)

Lots of love.

"Taking bovine glandulars is really not a good idea in the long run. There are certainly possible side effects, especially the longer you use them. For one thing, the endocrine system in our bodies (the system that produces hormones of all kinds) works on a very delicate feedback system....when we ingest something like this supplement, we are interfering with that feedback system. It is hard to say exactly what effect this will have in the short run, or in the long run, but in general I think we've learned over the years that messing around with the endocrine system is generally not a good idea for our health. 

Another concern is that there are infectious agents called 'prions' that can possibly be carried by cow glandular products. Prions are scary for a number of reasons. They are not eliminated through any of the currently used 'purification' techniques for most supplements (like heating, filtering, etc.). In other words, you can't guarantee that they aren't in the pills. Also, they can lie dormant in our nervous systems for years, then manifest later as some kind of neurologic disease (the most famous prion-caused disease is Mad Cow, but there are others). 

So, in general, I really recommend that you not take bovine glandulars at all. Problems with fertility, libido, etc. can be taken care of through much safer means. I suggest you consider consulting with a homeopathic doctor near you (try looking at the online directory of the American Institute of Homeopathy), or one who will do a phone consultation. Fertility issues can also be addressed through acupuncture."

Can this stuff make you taller too? I've thought about trying it but not if it causes growth spurts in every sense of the word!

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