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The Breast Growth Hormones, including IGF, HGF and how macromastia happens
Exercise is great for raising IGF and HGH but it's a temporary spike that doesn't last much longer than the exercise.  Most other things listed most likely only raise them a little, only temporarily and/or only with those with low levels.  It would be good to see studies to quantify them but it doesn't seem likely.  The most likely way to maintain enough IGF and HGH would be to get sufficient nutrition, and beyond that supplements are unlikely to raise it further.

I'd be interested if anyone wants to try out the deer velvet for NBE.  I'm at 1/4 lozenge now instead of 1/2 lozenge to maintain good benefits without any dazed feeling.  Deer velvet seems to be quite strong in spite of the seemingly low dose and would probably be way more effective for IGF-1 than the other methods listed.  Maybe it's because it's cumulative over time, whereas bodybuilders take breaks at the high dose.  Or maybe the effectiveness levels out at the high dose so <1/10th the dose is actually more than <1/10th as strong.  Maybe it's because it contains other less important growth factors besides IGF-1.  And/or maybe it's because the high dose causes incredibly strong effects so a small dose is still pretty darn good.

The thing with HGF is that it's a local hormone causing growth and, I think, repair wherever it is.  IIRC it is especially high near wounds.  It would be nice to see if there's a way to increase it in just the breasts or to increase something that then signals its release in the breasts.  While IGF-1 is good mainly for muscle growth, joint repair and estrogen related tissue growth (breasts, butt, etc.), I think HGF can cause growth in any tissue.  I could be wrong though.  As for heparin even though it increases HGF it reduces cancer risk: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4125350/ .


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