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Brava graduates: how much did you retain over time?
I stopped using brava one year ago
February 26 2007 at 3:57 PM
tms81 (Login tms81)


Hey girls i have not been here for a while. So far everything is going good, my boobs are still there and there are no sagginess. I just posted my pics again. For those who are new, i used the system for 20weeks and gained about one cupsize. I tried to use the system for a second and third time but got an allergic reaction to the domes and had to give it up and sold it on ebay.
I miss the "girls"
December 11 2008 at 1:14 PM StacyEllen (no login)


Last night was night #2 off from Brava....Sad

I slept like a baby but my boobs feel so tiny. I know it is mostly just that I am starting off the day without any swelling. My bras fit about the same at night, so I know I am smaller but not significantly so. I wonder how long before you know exactly how much you are going to shrink? I would guess after a few days, that's what you've got.

I want to be Dolly Parton again....sleep is overrated!!!!!

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(Login roakie)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: I miss the "girls" December 11 2008, 4:03 PM

Stacy - this is your third cycle, right? How long did it take to determine the final results after your first cycle? I dread what is going to happen to me. I didn't even start off with a 1/4 inch mound, so I will be going back to bones! Don't worry. I am sure you will at least have some boobs! I can't even wear a padded bra to pretend I have breasts once the swelling is gone, cause they just ride up over my nipples. So, don't despair.

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(no login) Re: I miss the "girls" December 11 2008, 4:32 PM

I guess it was within the week that the "shrinking" stopped...it is hard to say because just as it seems to take months to notice growth, because it is like a drop a day, I guess the shrinking takes place slowly too. I remember the first time thinking that I didn't shrink as much as I thought I was going to. Maybe I am done shrinking now too, I can hope!

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(Login Louise1982)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: I miss the "girls" December 11 2008, 8:04 PM

When I finished my first cycle I lost a little over the first 3 days then it was really weird because although my actual boobs looked the same my measurements decreased a bit more over the next couple of months (my underbust decreased too). So my body seemed to be trying to revert to the original pear shape and even though I'm finding it easier to keep the weight off I definitely haven't lost more weight than previously but my ribs started to really stick out.

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(Login Boo_Boo_Bear)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: I miss the "girls" December 11 2008, 9:26 PM

Semi-related question for the ladies that have completed multiple cycles: Brava states that the swelling you maintain 14 hours after removing the domes at any give point is about what you will retain in actual growth when you double the total time put in. Did you find this to be true or was your end growth more / less than how it appeared at your half way point? I have not yet decided exactly how many weeks I am going to put in and would just like to have an idea of whether or not that is really a decent way of deciding the duration.

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(Login Louise1982)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: I miss the "girls" December 12 2008, 7:26 PM

Not sure if that's true. I did 30 weeks, at week 11 I left the domes off for 36 hours to catch a longhaul flight and really hadn't retained much at all. After 16-17 weeks regardless of leaving them off for up to about 18 hours I still retained quite a lot (possibly more than I ended up with). I'm probably not a good example as I lost weight so my band size decreased by about 2 inches so it's difficult to measure. I just know that I'm wearing a bigger bra now than when I was 2 dress sizes fatter so it is working but hard to quantify. If I put old bras on that I didn't fill (or bras that I used to put the silicone chicken fillets in, then tighten the band with a pin or something I can see a difference).

This cycle I haven't lost any weight and have been eating quite a lot of fatty food so I seem to be growing faster but you don't really know until you've left them off for a few months. I'd say 8 months on, 4 months off is probably a good routine and to take the break over summer when it'd be too hot and sticky at night. I started my second cycle on 1st September and will probably wear until May. This cycle I've also been a lot worse in terms of hours but I still seem to be doing ok so I think it's a good idea for me to put more weeks in to get a good result (hopefully!).
has anyone gained more than a cup size?
November 9 2006 at 7:39 PM pieface12 (no login)


I have been reading about Brava. Has anyone gained more than a cup size? If so has it lasted? Or how much did you retain over time? This seems like a lot of money for 100 cc growth.


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(no login) Re: has anyone gained more than a cup size? November 9 2006, 9:50 PM

An increase of a cup size would actually be a very good result with brava. A whole cup size would be a big success story.

(no login) Re: has anyone gained more than a cup size? November 10 2006, 8:27 AM

don't do it. wish someone had told me that before i wasted a thousand pounds, totally ruined my summer and left myself scarred for no gain whatsoever. However, I've gained over an inch since i started herbs (wonderup) 2 months ago and all i do is swallow tablets, no comparison really!


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