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My balanced diet, massage, and herb plan
So, I am determined to stick with a program that will grow my boobs. When I was 18 I tried "La Femme" for about a year, but not a thing happened. After doing some reading recently, it was clear to me that my poor diet and love of caffeine and sugar is probably what hindered the results. What a sad waste of money.

No matter though. I have just started a new program. But first...some stuff about me:

I'm an editorial/fashion model so gaining weight anywhere other than my boobs is not an option.

I am doing this for me...and to be honest I don't think that my hubby would mind one bit if he had some more to play with (and oogle at) up there. I see his reaction when I wear a padded bra. I'd like to have that size without all the padding. Wink

I have the typical fashion model look - tall and skinny with small and perky A cup breasts, but there is something to be said for full breasts and nice cleavage. There's no reason why a model can't have boobs. I already have a shapely bum and nice hips.

Here's some stats:

Age: 27 (NO kids!)
Height: 5"9"
Weight: 119 ilbs.
Bra Size: 32A/34AA

Goal: 32C (For now)

The tomboy in me doesn't want to get too big since I like to be active and I want to be able to downplay the boobs when I'm at a concert or whatnot, but we'll see...

I'll post pics and chest measurements later...I'm too lazy to do so now.

So, here's my program:

Before taking herbal supplements, I want to eat a consistent, well balanced diet first for optimum results. After about a month, I want to introduce fenugreek. Then after another month, Saw Palmetto.

I have 3 protein shakes per day (These are meant to help form breast tissue - it also promotes youthful skin!) with a balanced diet with lots of fruits and veggies. I drink at least 8 ounces of water per day because breasts need hydration to grow. I will not eat anything with caffeine in it. This dehydrates the body and can shrink the breasts, or stop them from growing.

In addition to a healthy diet, I am taking 3 fish oil tablets per day and 2 vitamin C tablets.

For now I will massage once per day.

Please, please let me know if you have any suggestions for massages, diet ideas, herbs, etc.

I have seen many of you have had great results and I am looking forward to seeing some of my own.
I would like to fit into a C cup within 6 months. Is that realistic?
I guess I should add that I go to the gym about 4-5 times per week and work out for an hour each day doing mostly light cardio, legs, arms, abs, and chest excercises (Depending on the day).

I don't believe that excercise negatively affects BE.

Let me know if any of you have tips on excercise and BE.

FYI: It is for muscle tone and weight maintenance, I'm not trying to lose fat.
Hi Saraflower,
Just wanted to warn you, you may gain some weight from the protein drinks. Just make sure to exercise and I'm sure you can keep that extra weight off.

For exercise, I really enjoy Tracy Anderson method, both mat and cardio exercise. They are not for bulking muscle, but for creating a lean dancer type body. It really works if you keep it up. I used to do it about 5-6 times a week and I looked really lean and fit without any bulking in my bum (which is what I worry about being pear shaped) Now I've basically lost all muscle because of scheduling issues.

Also just wanted to say that I wish you good luck. I heard that you need to have a pretty good amount of weight and body fat to grow boobs, which you are very light weighted for your height, so good luck!
Thanks for the advice, Super Boob. Smile


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