How necessary is massage with herbs?

Now I know that massage is important to growth, especially when it comes to the production of prolactin, but when using herbs does anybody know how important massage is? I try to get to it every day, but is it so important that on days where I'm not able to get around to massaging is it basically a wasted day? I'd imagine not, but I just really don't know. Also, if it is super crucial, how much better is a small 5 minute massage than nothing? I normally try to do 1-2 30 minute massages.

The reason I'm so curious is I know that a lot of women's breasts grow throughout their life, depending on hormonal changes from various things, without massaging. Just trying to gauge how hard I should work to make sure I get those massages in, or if it is okay to take a chill pill on it knowing I'm still going to make some progress.

I mean anything is better than nothing. I try not to make a false idol out of anything, like if I legitimately forget to massage I don’t sweat it. Consistency and persistence is more important I think. I also try to do half an hour a day.

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