How long before a break?

Hey there! So my current routine seems to be going pretty well. I've only been at it for a little over 2 months but I was just wondering if I should shoot for a certain amount of time before I take a break? I've heard some stuff about receptor burn out and I'm just curious about it. And if I should take a break, how long should it be before I start up again? And if I start up again after a break, do I need to ease into it again? I'd obviously love to just keep going without breaks if one isn't necessary, but if it'd contribute to better growth overall then I'll definitely take one at some point.

Here's my current program:
- 2,400 fenugreek extract (50% saponins)
- 1,000 mg PM (ainterol)
- 320 mg saw palmetto
- 6,000 mg maca (geletanized capsules)
- 4,000 mg MSM

I know the PM seems high, but I'm on a full progestin BC and I upped the PM to 1,000 MG 5 weeks ago and have had no issues since and it does seem like I'm still growing (have a lot of days with soreness and swelling, so I think that's a good sign?).

Fenugreek will add fat all over your body if you take it internally, does not target your breasts. Should be applied topically by mixing with oil such as almond oil and massaged into your breasts.

Two week break every 2 to 3 months, don't worry about easing back into your routine.

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