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Natural 34DDD, wanting some fullness - will this work?

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I'm 21, natural 34DDD. I lost about 16kg since last year and although I've maintained my size, I've lost a lot of roundness and fulness. I'm trying to get it back a bit through some natural methods, was just wondering if someone could tell me if this seems efficient?

1. 2 15 min massages a day with flaxseed oil (probably can do longer if I can get my bf to do it lol)

2. 6000mg of MSM a day + vit c (3000 morning/night)

3. 2000mg fenugreek daily

4. I've heard gelatinised maca is really beneficial but trying to figure out dosage for that.

I'm also currently on combined BC pill. I know PM is supposed to be really good but also know it can be quite hectic  Huh" alt="Huh" title="Huh"> Can anyone give any input as to whether this sounds like a good plan or not?

Thanks <3

Those starting large are usually that way due to high sensitivity to hormones and so on, so they tend to have little trouble with nbe.  Above looks good.  Consider a 50% saponin extract for fenugreek.  For gelatinized maca the right amount is 1,200 to 4,000 mg or roughly 3/4 to 2 tsp.  Yeah PM is often trouble and unless you want to grow a ton it may not be necessary.  Simply waiting is also helpful for your skin to shrink to catch up with your weight loss, though restoring the lost size through nbe works faster.  That includes fenugreek and/or maca. Going braless whenever possible helps exercise the supporting tissue, except use a strong sports bra during cardio to avoid damaging it.  Getting bigger pectoral muscles with weights or resistance can help lift a little, besides adding a little bit of size (though all the added size is muscle).  If you want to grow more than a little, not merely a little fullness and firmness/lift, then there are tips in my sig link.


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