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Will this work? Advice needed

I've recently purchased purafem PM and I'm looking forward to try it. I'm also planning on purchasing msm+vitamin c supplement and spearmint tea. Will this be enough to see changes? I also need some advice on when should I consume each one of them (especially PM since I'm not on any type of BC and menstruating). I'm 20 yo., small B cup, female.

Thank you!

Hi Upupidy
Unfortunately there is no magic formula for NBE. So everyone needs to start slow and monitor your bodys reaction.
As for the when part
This is a good thread on Cycling you might find interesting
I just want to say, in things like skincare it's known that different things work for different people, and that you may end up having to try a lot of different solutions to discover what is most effective for you. But just because something doesn't work, it doesn't mean that ~skincare~ as a whole doesn't work for you, or that ~NBE~ as a whole doesn't work for you. Bobbi is right, when it comes to NBE everyone is different and we can make a best guess but at the end of the day it's about just researching, starting and keeping up with a routine.


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