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NBE friends in real life

Hey everyone,

Have you told your friends about your NBE? It would be amazing to have clubs or friends to be boobie buddies with. To share tips and advice, like a sisterhood haha.

i've told three friends about this journey so far, and so far one of them showed a bit of an interest.

I've only told this in real life to 4 people...
My cowsin... who is not my cousin but my nephew... but we're close in age so she adresses me as her cousin.... anyway I told her by the time I was listinig subliminals, she told me that she indeed felt weir tingles... but is not interested in NBE since she was a 34DD... and she is shorter than me... so she had a nice rack and zero worries.... but she has always been supportive towards me and my breast issues.
My mom... she showed me support too when I told her I wanted to try fenugreek for NBE and bought me the seeds and a fenugreek gel... she knows my struggle well.. and has suggested a boobjob
The third one was a guy but I only told him the science things I learnt reading Lotus threads and he thought I was very smart... but he thought that high of me even before I told him about NBE stuff, since we met on engieniering school he always told me how smart I was... but appart than that time we never speak of NBE ever again...
The fourth was a guy too... and oly told him because he told me my breast looked bigger (no harassment... we were best friends so those type of comments were ok) he promised to buy me some stuff for NBE but he never did.

As you said It'd be lovely to have someone to have a sistership on NBE

Ohh btw is that kylye jenner on your pic?


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