should I buy noogleberry??


Hey everyone, I’m on nbe for a year and I’ve been wondering if I should buy a noogleberry since I got some good results with massage, but I’m afraid I’ll be wasting my money.

I live in brazil and the dollar is really expensive for us right now, so buying it would be such an investment, so I need sincerely opinion about it….

Thank you so much and sorry about my broken english!!! ?


Your English is fine!  Noogleberrys are probably worth the price in US dollars but if you had to pay more, maybe not.  You could buy off brands on Amazon for a fraction of the price to see if it works for you.  Here's one for under $30...

I agree with Karren. There are plenty options that costs way less than Nogleberry and have the same work principle.

And with the amount you save on the pump you can even start a herb protocol too!


The thing that I really like about the Noogleberry is the silicone ring options. Before that, the cones would really hurt the sides of my breasts and especially in the armpits which made me less motivated to use them. It's possible that the Noogleberry rings can fit other systems, or maybe you could look for a different brand that also has the rings? Some people are are just fine with the plastic cups only and a cheaper option is a good idea if you're not sure if it's something you'll like/will work for you.


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