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2019: year of the C cup
(14-01-2019, 06:08 AM)8lemon8 Wrote: Sounds like a great start so far! Wishing you all the best luck!!

thank you! <3
(13-02-2019, 02:42 PM)AimDcups Wrote: Hey, how many time to feel tingles and breast discomfort? 
I haven’t pain right now...

sorry for the late reply, when i first started taking the pills it was an almost constant ache, sometimes nothing, sometimes it actually hurt! now im in my 5th month of BO and i hadn't felt growing pains very much for awhile despite upping my dose to 1g (my current dose) however i must say i haven't been taking my (ideally) daily protein shake and applying nipple cream until now (while also skipping msm and GABA somedays) Sad now that i am fully committing to these four things i have my growing pains back!


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