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Minimum weight needed to start BO?
(10-01-2019, 11:27 AM)Megz Wrote: I love hearing success stories, especially from members in the over 35 age bracket. It always gives me renewed hope that this journey isn't just for the youngsters ?

Hi Megz,

I think BO is so potent, as you could read I started late, at my 40's, however the results were immediately, in the first month I noticed changes in my breast and my curves, so never is late to start. During the last year, when stopped the BO program, I changed it by pueraria, it has some beauty effects and also breast effects but I realized never as stronger as BO, actually I stopped PM two monts ago and all the effects that initially it brought me just disappear, it also messed up my period completely, I never could have a normal period during this year, that's actually a good thing in BO, at least for me it never messed up my period, I've always been regular and BO kept it same.

Besides the over pounds that I experienced with BO, the other effect that I felt was like a tiredness but I'm not sure if it was because the pills or all the conditions that I was living in that moment, I moved from city for my job, I realized that I wasn't comfortable in that city, I hated my job, I didn't like the people around me lol, for me everything was dark at that moment, I'm still asking myself if this mood was triggered by changes in my adrenal system caused by the BO program, so not sure what was first, if the egg or the hen.

The bottom line is BO program works for what it says it'll do, that means you'll have your bigger boobs and your big butt, with other some effects in between, maybe, but you'll need some efforts to mold your body the way you want, the results are so worthy, at least, you're gonna feel so completely, womanly, you also will notice much more attention from men, if is that you want. Now I feel great with swimwear, with tops that I had to avoid because I felt so flat, either way.... A lot of benefits!!

So go ahead and get what you want
(10-01-2019, 05:08 AM)Shifa Wrote:
(10-01-2019, 04:55 AM)Dboobies Wrote:
(09-01-2019, 04:31 AM)Shifa Wrote:
(09-01-2019, 02:49 AM)Dboobies Wrote:
(23-12-2018, 06:39 AM)Shifa Wrote: I’m planning to start BO next month, my weight is 35.3 Kg, (BMI -18). I’ve been trying to gain weight last one year, it’s really hard for me. Is it okay if I start BO with protein shakes two times a day? 
Thanks in advance

There is nothing in reply! by mistake?

Oh sorry my response never went out. First pardon my redaction cause English is not my native language.

I was written that you'll be the perfect candidate for BO therapy. That's my first post, btw, but I can say that I was a successful BO user, however it costed me some pounds (weight Smile
I took the Swanson ovary and pituitary pills for one year, like you, I was skinny, maybe not as you but I was in the lower limit of the best weight to my height, my bra size was 34B and at the end of the year in therapy I got 34D or sometimes DD. The problem that I had with that program is I got 15 pounds, I felt everything in me was plumped (butt, lips, hips but also my face was swollen, my arms, thighs, waist...) so everything in me was plumped,  shamefully the effect didn't focused just in the parts that I wanted. It's important to mention that I didn't work out during that year and my job was stressful. 

I started to feel uncomfortable with my physical appearance but I just didn't want to put myself under a diet and exercising and lost what I was already gained (boobs and butt), then I started to go to a gym and make machines and lifting, heavy weights few repetitions to the point you feel you're gonna pass out, I read when you get that point your body release hormones and it's very beneficial, I also started every routine with some cardio (stairs, running...) for just 10 minutes, same way, very intensive but short. After ten month in this routine I can say I'm so happy with my body, it's so define, I didn't lost any inch of breast but my waist is smaller and my bra size changed in some brands to 32DDD, my butt it's great cause I do squads. One thing that I was feeling so mortified was my swollen face but now it's normal again, I haven't lose any pound, maybe I've gained one of two more but it's because of the weight lifting, however my waist measures decreased.

some facts:

1) I started at 42 years old
2) didn't exercise during the program
3) the program gave some craves for no healthy food (pizzas, hamburgers, grassy food) before of this program I had a healthy diet without those cravings
4) definitely my changed, It developed more curves, not sure even if I lost pounds again I'm gonna get my old body
5) the results are permanent, when I stopped taking pills I didn't feel any deflation 
6) three months after I started the BO program I started to noogleberry as well and it helped a lot, however during the first three months before noogle I started see results 

So, my advice is work out while you're in the program but avoid long cardio sessions, otherwise your body is not gonna store the fat it need in order to plump your assets. Drink whey protein, massage your breast it'll help a lot. Have discipline you'll see results during the first three months.

good luck with the program! Smile

Im considering start again my second round to see if I can get more boobage 

Thanks you soo much for telling your story. Mine is gonna same. My job is also stressful, I dont think I’ll get enough time to excersise. Anyway I’ll try my best. I’m also like trying to eat healthy food. I already got my Swasnson Ovary. But, It s new version someone here commented its not working like old version amd some unwanted hair growth. So I’m planning to add stinging nettle root amd spearmint tea ( to block androgen and its conversion). Fingers crossed!! 
Thanks again!

You're welcome Shifa, I didn't know about the change in Swanson pills, I actually still have the old ones that I plan to re-start tomorrow, let's see what happen this time with the old lessons learned, that means working out during the program, if I feel swelling again I'll quite it, finally, I already got what I wanted, I'm just being little ambitious.
I've never tried nettle root but spearmint tea works so good. Drink two cups every day and you'll notice the difference in maybe 2 or three weeks.

Good luck girl!


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