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Help for slow responders and small starters
Hi everyone! I am seeking NBE advice for someone who is naturally very thin with small breasts. I think I'm correct in assuming most girls who are skinny find it difficult to grow using NBE techniques and tend to be slow responders so hopefully this thread can help many others!

Does anyone have NBE advice for those starting with very small amounts of breast tissue, who may be thin and who have found themselves to be slow responders to NBE techniques? Any and all advice is appreciated.

Personally, I have tried: noogleberry, massages, BO, PM, other herbs and herbal formulas and diets with no success. But maybe I am going wrong with how I use these methods, not with the method itself? I must have been trying different NBE methods for like 4-5 years now but nothing has worked. If anyone has advice or experience with being a slow responder it would be very much appreciated.
Hi Muffins,  

So glad you started this thread. 4-5 years! Your dedication is just amazing! I am in the same boat! I have tried fenugreek for over half an year now with no result. Recently just added noogleberry into my routine. It gives me more shape but no real tissue yet.

From what I read on the forum, skinny people like us are very sensitive to dosage. Not only do we require a lower dosage, the working dosage range is also a lot tighter then regular weight people. Slower response make tweaking the right dosage even harder. 

There is also a few old post claims if you started with small A or multiple A’s breast, you will have better response with BO. It might take 6 months on BO to see result though. Personally I didn’t try this and prob will not either. 

Another theory is from surferjoe, stating everyone with cup b or smaller lack proper nutrition. I am taking his advise and trying supplement for a month now. So far no response. Will keep you updated. 

Ps. I am 5”5, 105 lbs with AA cup. Hope to hear more experience from small cup/slow responders!
Nutrition mix in first sig thread.  And if you read a lot of the stories from those who started on the smaller side, many of them struggled for a bit and then started doing something healthy like juicing parsley, or switching up their diet with lots of nutritious foods, or etc.  Often the successful girls who didn't struggle are already doing something of the sort.  This is something often overlooked because they talk about their herbs more, but it's there if you dig.  And it makes a lot of sense because there are several nutrients required for growth, development and so on.
Am in the same boat, thin starting small. Ive tried alot of stuff; BO, noogle, PM, lots of massage, little massage, herbs in large quantities and now herbs in small quantities.
Ive put weight on 'in wrong places', messed my periods up, taken stuff when i know its doing nothing, taken 30+ supps a day.
Thus far, smaller quantities have worked best for me so am going to continue on that route. Longterm project.
It is hard when we are fast metabolisers too IMHO.
I think we tend to metabolize any herbs we try too and render them useless - again imo..
Im thinking circulation too being an issue for us slim girls, so we need to try warm up from the core - ginger, warming teas and tonics, thyroid support.
We do need to attempt some weight gain esp if breasts are fatty tissue. We arent all lucky enough to gain on the boobs when we do gain weight but i fear we have to at least try.
I always found a good protein powder had me gain at least a kg but it would go when i stopped. Plus not a fan of protein powders, i hear they are hard on the kidneys. So def not a long term solution but maybe the amino acids might provide enough protein to aid the process temporarily.


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